Love... No Greater Feeling

I wrote this poem for my love on October 3, 2010. It's funny because we had only been together about 5 months. What's even crazier is I still feel the EXACT same way 2 years later. All those cliche', corny love poems and sayings that I would post before I met him, now mean so much more. After my quest to find out who I was and to love myself, I found this strong, loving, gorgeous, and gentle man. He is EVERYTHING that you could ever think that a man should be. I am thankful for my journey. I am thankful for my failed relationships because they made me into a better person and turned me into the reflection of the man that would compliment my life. I love him. If I could scream it from the highest mountaintops I would... but I don't want people to think I'm crazy... LOL! If you have never been in love, you will never know this feeling that I have... I am so thankful for him. He is such a blessing.

Before, After, and Back to One (c)

-->>Before I met you
Never knew what Love was
-->> Before I met you
Could not see thru the smoke of my imperfections
-->>Before I met you
Could not see the light within me
-->>Before I met you
Peered thru life afraid... ever avoiding conflict
-->>After I met you
My barrier's broken, I am unbound
-->>After I met you
I can be me and you still love me
-->>Now that I have you
Everything goes back to one
~~~>>One glance
~~~~~>>One smile
~~~~~~~>>One touch
~~~~~~~~~>>One hug
~~~~~~~~~~~~>One kiss
~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>One Love
This Love, Our Love, Forever Love...