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Hola BAye Hive Tribe!!

My name is Bina Ayesha Banks!! Welcome to B Ayesha Inc., the Parent Site to The BAye Hive Boutique, BLACK F.L.Y. Clothing, BAye Digital Marketing Agency, Bina Banks Designs & BAye Coaching Alliance.

B. Ayesha Inc. started out as an online boutique and jewelry subscription service. Over time our company has evolved but the sentiment of B Ayesha Inc. will always and forever be the same. We are an empowerment brand. Our focus is women empowerment but we support the empowerment of all. B Ayesha Inc. is a veteran owned and operated entity.

After surviving a stroke in June 2007, it became my lifelong goal to fulfill all of my dreams. In January 2013, my dream of owning my own boutique finally came to fruition. I felt like the Chic Fashionistas of the world needed a place to shop with great deals that won't break the bank. I also wanted to empower women to believe in themselves and do the things that were their passion. 

I live with a chronic pain illness. I want to be empowering and an example to those that suffer as I do. My purpose is to advocate for and be the driving force for understanding and change. In 2018, I was ordained as a minister and completed my Life Coaching Certification(s). I also received an Honorary Doctorate for my studies in divinity.

The BAye Hive Blog was initially created as a personal blog but over time has evolved to what you see today. I want to motivate and educate. This blog affords me that opportunity. It is also about life experiences and of course my business(es).

At the BAye Hive Boutique, you will find the latest trends in clothing, shoes and accessories with some of the most affordable prices around! Shop with all of the fun and none of the guilt. We also do custom work such as t-shirts, sneakers, jewelry, etc.

As a supporter of small businesses, we offer branding packages that include:

*Free feature on the BAye Hive Blog

​*Custom Clothing & Apparel

*Brand Foundation Consultation

*Logos and other branding graphics

​*Business Cards

​*Banners & More

Please feel free to click here or email me at bina@bayeshainc.com for branded items. Email me at design@binabanks.work for custom graphics and other designs.

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"Be A SHE Who Lives!!" SHE = Successful | Happy | Electrifying


~Bina Ayesha Banks