17 Simple Activities to Spice Up Your Relationship

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Alright now let's get into today's blog post... Is your relationship sizzle gone? Check out these 17 Things to do together to spice up your relationship!

Many couples tend to pay less and less attention to the romantic aspect of their lives together. They get busy, children come along, and before they know it, they're like roommates rather than romantic lovers.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Romance and intimacy are all about making and keeping connections. Connections using the five senses can help.


1. Handholding is something most couples do when they are first dating, but an activity many couples stop once they've been together for a while. Yet handholding brings people together both physically and emotionally.

Walking down the street or in a mall or in nature holding hands connects you in terms of posture, pace and shared experience. Holding hands when you are sitting watching TV is also a way of sharing experience.

2. Hugging - Handholding can lead to hugging and snuggling, especially when you are sitting together.

3. Sleeping in bed - Do you sleep far apart? Or even in separate rooms? Or do you tend to spoon and snuggle up? There might be some valid reasons for separate rooms (such as health issues) but if this is the case, do plan to make up for the physical contact prior to going to bed to sleep.

Taste and Other Ways to Connect

4. Sharing food can be very intimate and fun.

5. So too are nostalgic things you like to do together than help remind you of how you became a couple.

6. Some couples "nest" by shopping together to choose things that will make their house feel more like a home.


7. Your taste in music can actually bring you together as you sing along to old favorites and new.

8. Some couples like to have pleasant sounds in the bedroom, especially the sounds they wake up to so they are not jolted out of their sleep each morning. Bird song, the patter of rain, and other soothing sounds can give you a chance to snuggle in bed before facing another busy day.


9. Shared smells can bring a sense of closeness. Perfume and aftershave are known for their allure, provided you don't use too much of them and the other person likes the fragrance.

10. Scientists also say that pheromones can affect how a couple reacts to each other.

11. Subliminal smells can attract or repel. For example, you might love the way your spouse's back of the neck smells due to their laundry detergent. On the other hand, the smell of their sports socks might be totally revolting. To bring back romance, focus on the attractive smells!

12. Then there is aromatherapy. This ancient healing method uses highly concentrated botanicals known as essential oils to elevate the mood and re-establish balance and harmony. Citrus scents like lemon and neroli (orange flower) boost the energy. Lavender and cedarwood are more soothing. Combine with massage for a really romantic evening together.


12. Not everyone fills their house with photos, but it is always a good idea to have at least a few of you around the house to remind you of all the good times you have shared.

13. Some of the photos can be romantic, to remind you of what you first found so attractive about each other. You can include a wedding photo, and/or a snap from your honeymoon.

16. Some photos can be action shots of shared activities that should help you bond and make you feel closer.

17. Create a shared album online from the photos you take on your phone. Looking through them will remind you of all the fun and romance you share together.

So what do you guys think? What are some simple activities that you do to spice up your relationship? Drop your questions and/or comments below!

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