Hey November Babies!

Greetings BAye Hive!
I'm rather late with blogging today because I got to spend the day with my new favorite little two month old princess! I got all the baby fever emotions today and it was quite timely considering in a few hours it will be Valentine's Day. Ordinarily, this day of love and candy passes me by and I think nothing of it. Today, after spending it with a little one, the thought sent me into a fit of laughter. You may be curious as to why and since I'm blogging about it, I'm sort of obligated to spill the beans.

Hey November babies! I see y'all!

I got to thinking about how many people in this world were conceived on Valentine's Day. It's pretty difficult to come up with an accurate number considering all of the things that may skew the data but I personally know quite a few folks that fit the timeline as it pertains to their birthdays. One zodiac sign in particular comes to mind. Hey Scorpios! Oh how I love ya'll! lol

Scorpios are known for being rather sexual beings. This is not up for debate either. It's out there for all to know and find out if they don't. This bit of their character does not surprise me either considering the time when they may have been conceived. You do the math!

Now, don't get me wrong, this love day celebration is the cutest little day for all. It's full of what we should be showing one another on a daily basis and I know some of us do. On the other hand, I cannot erase the thoughts of those who were and are poised to live out their most romantic evening of the year and ultimately creating a life that will be born in November. It is my belief that November babies should be celebrating their conception anniversary!

That was my little humor for you all today. A brief moment into the mind of the Professor on Valentine's Day. I encourage all of you to keep the same loving energy toward your loved ones all year long. Celebrate your love for one another like it's the last opportunity you'll ever have.
Happy Valentine's Day and November babies, turn up, it's your Anniversary!
Until next time remain...

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