Happy New Year!

I do hope the beginning of your 2020 has already given you great vibes and great food. I have no elaborate reason for the inclusion of food other than just being a bit hungry as I'm writing. It also seemed rather fitting since good food usually gives great vibes. Right? Right!

I just wanted to drop a little something before the day ends. Professor Poised brought the new year in road-tripping. That's right. I packed up a U-haul and towed my car right on down to the state of Texas. Truth be told, it was the best eve of a new year I have had in a very long time. 

I remember when I was younger, the "big truck drivers" used to do certain things to communicate with other drivers. One thing in particular, flashing their lights, signaling to the driver who'd passed on the left, they'd cleared the truck and could get back over. I thought this was a thing of old until this road-trip. 

It got me to thinking. 

When someone is, growing, glowing, seeing the fruits of their labor, rapidly realizing known and unknown dreams. flash them a smile, lookout for them in a positive way, wish them well on their journey ahead. (All free ways to give great vibes by the way, along with food.) Every time I was flashed the "all clear," it felt like conformation. Wishing me well on my new life in Texas. No road rage competitiveness just acknowledgment that I was moving faster at the moment than they were.

If you need to read that again, I'll wait here...

Yes, in other words, recognize when it is your time to just chill and when it is your time to move. While you're waiting to move, give good vibes like the truck drivers gave me. Smile, wave, support by not being a hindrance or a nuisance. That's poised behavior indeed!

Until next time remain,

Purposeful in your actions
Open to new ideas and adventures
In tune with self
Steady in your pursuits
Expecting great things

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  1. Awesome read!! You dropped a few great gems!

  2. Great read! I gathered a few gems from your message!

  3. This year I plan to celebrate growth. The growth I see in myself and in others. Flashing my smile to say “I say, I see you!”.


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