Anxiety and Essential Oils: Can this actually help?

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How are you guys doing? It's so much going on and my anxiety is through the roof. I use essential oils to help calm myself down, along with meditation.

Treating anxiety with essential oils isn't only effective, according to multiple studies, but typically simpler than prescription medications. That doesn't mean you ought to began to treat your anxiety yourself, however, it will mean there could also be an alternate or addition to your treatment that may make a difference. Let's investigate the varied oils that folks use to treat anxiety. 


This is probably the most well-known aromatic for treating anxiety. You'll be able to notice the scent included in several products that promote relaxation and stress reduction. However, those products won't work as well as the real stuff. To use lavender as an anxiety treatment, you'll use it locally or in your bathtub.


This oil comes from a special form of orange referred to as a bergamot. Studies show that it helps relieve anxiety. It may also improve blood flow and provide an energy boost, like alternative styles of citrus do. You'll be able to use it by adding a drop to a cotton ball and breathing  it deeply 2 or 3 times each day. 


You might have had chamomile tea if you had an upset tummy. This oil brings calm to your body and mind and will increase your ability to sleep. Many folks report that it additionally reduces pain and cramps. A good way to use it is to dilute with a carrier oil and massage into the skin. You'll be able to additionally place it into your bathtub.


This is one among the best ways in which to lower stress in pregnant, laboring ladies. Rose oil is formed with rose petals and includes a very light, non-perfume smelling scent. The majority will tolerate it well because it is delicate. Taking a pleasant warm bath with rose oil, or obtaining a pedicure with rose oil, will help cut back anxiety well. 


This fresh-smelling oil will wake you up, offer you a lot of energy, and lower your stress, therefore serving to cut back anxiety. One of the simplest ways in which to use it is by spreading it with a diffuser so your whole area includes a scent of orange and causes you to feel better.


This warm, woody aroma will balance your emotions and cut back anxiety, while helping you relax for a pleasant night of sleep. You'll be able to inhale this oil right from the bottle. Attempt 3 deep inhales every few hours after dinner till bedtime. 

Ylang Ylang

If you wish quick relief, place a bit of this florally scented aromatic on a cotton ball and inhale. You'll be able to additionally rub it directly on your feet, neck and wrists. This is often a decent one to combine with other fragrances because it's so light. 


Used for hundreds of years to treat sleep disorder, this flower's oil will assist you to sleep better and cut back anxiety. They are saying that it's also smart when it comes to your sex drive. If you overcome your anxiety enough to sleep, you're going to feel so much better. This one could be a smart one for your bathtub.

Bosweillia Oil

Also referred to as frankincense, this oil comes from the genus Boswellia tree in Africa. The fragrant aroma reduces stress and anxiety. It's a religious oil that has been utilized in religious ceremonies for hundreds of years and is extremely effective. You'll be able to diffuse it and/or place it in your bathtub.

Many of these essential oils may be combined to form new fragrances to help treat your anxiety. The main factor regarding anxiety is hindrance. Be proactive by treating it before you are feeling anxious. Then acting quick to prevent it before you are already anxious.

So what do you guys think? Do you any strategies to relieve anxiety? Was this helpful? Drop your personal experiences in the comments!

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