Spice Up Your Style - Questions & Answers Part 4

Heeeyyy Y'all!
It's me again talking everything fashionably fabulous and answering questions! Today's questions are about spicing up your style.

Gabbie writes: 
I think I dress very simply. My go to outfit is usually a pair of leggings/jeans, cami, cardigan, and flat shoes. How do I change things up and spice up my style?

Hi Gabbie!
The basics of your wardrobe sound fine to me! You don't have to do anything drastic to spice up items that you already own. Maybe invest in some statement accessory pieces. Try out mixing prints or try pairing your outfits with a pair of pumps. Check out these examples below:

Also, here are links to my past posts about Accessorizing and Mixing Prints:
I hope this helps! 

The Frumpy Mom writes:
I am a pta mom but I always feel so frumpy. Im not overly obese but I am pretty plump, so I tend to wear big clothes to try to hide it which always makes me look like a tent. What are some fashion ideas you have for someone who is shorter and more plump but still look classy for parent/teacher meetings, pta meetings, fieldtrips, etc.

Hi "The Frumpy Mom"!
Don't ever think that because you're "shorter & plumper" than other women that you can't wear clothes that are feminine and gorgeous! As a mom, most of the time, we are so wrapped up in family that we forget about ourselves! Trust me, I know! I'm a mom of three boys! Yikes! LOL! But you will feel so much better when you throw those sweats to the side and embrace your most beautiful self! 

Instead of downgrading yourself to these bulky clothes that don't hide but make you look and feel bigger, look for clothing that has a better fit and accentuate your curves. And don't forget the accessories! 

Here's a link I found on Wiki How. They have great articles. Click the link: http://www.wikihow.com/Dress-Well-when-You're-Overweight

Great suggestions from that article are: 
Wear well-fitting undergarments.
Dark colors hide, while light colors highlight. So if you like your waist, wear a light belt over a dark shirt. If you want to hide your bottom half, wear dark pants and a lighter top.

Big patterns will make you look bigger, while small patterns can make you look smaller.

Check out these photos of Kay's (Heart, Soul & Curves) great style ideas:

You can find more stylish ideas for women with curves by Kay at https://www.facebook.com/Heartsoulandcurves. I hope this helps!

So what do you guys think? Too much? Not enough? Please comment below with questions and/or feedback! Thank you guys for stopping by and I will definitely see you next week! 

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