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Hi Guys and Dolls!!

It's me again! Today I want to talk about fulfilling dreams. When I was younger I really wanted to be a pediatrician. Well first I wanted to be an obstetrician but after researching it, I changed my mind! LOL! (Ewww) However, life doesn't always go the way we want it to go. Instead, I went to the military. In 2007 I had a stroke and that changed my entire life. It changed my perspective and gave me a VERY different outlook on life. From that day forward, I made a vow to try to fulfill whatever dreams I had in my mind. I say all of that to say to you, don't wait for a traumatic event to open your eyes. What are you doing to fulfill your dreams? What does your heart desire? GO FOR IT!

I have been wanting to start my own business (boutique) for sometime now. In 2013, I finally made that dream come true with the launch of Chaussure Boite by B. Ayesha! It's a lot of hard work. I'm a mother of three boys and I work full time. If something means a lot to you, then you will find the time to fulfill it. 

So the other thing that I wanted to do was to be able to design and sew my own clothing, clutches, etc. When I tell y'all I have been procrastinating! Honey, my beau bought me a sewing machine for my birthday in 2013! LOL! I've had a sewing machine for an entire year and just let it sit there because I could always find something else to do. Now does that even sound logical? 
LOL! I know Mr. Spock! I know!

Well this past weekend, I decided to dust off the sewing machine and teach myself to sew. First I went to Youtube (you can learn anything there) and found a video of How to sew with the specific sewing machine that I have which is a Singer Simple Machine 3232. It retails around 100-130$. 
Link to tutorial (here)

It took me ALL of Saturday morning to figure out how to get the tension to a perfect setting. LOL! I was getting so frustrated but I was determined to get this thing down. And guess what? I did it! Phew! 
Okay next I went to Pinterest (greatest place on the internet!) to find a DIY tutorial on something simple. 
On everythingetsy.com, there's a post titled: 101 Simple Sewing Tutorials. If you guys are really trying to learn to sew (for whatever reason) I highly recommend this post. Link (here)

I picked the DIY Bow Clutch Tutorial from ElmStreetLife. This is their finished clutch:
Tutorial Link (here)

As advertised, the tutorial was pretty easy. I just cut up some dollar tree place mats and followed along. I haven't actually bought any fabric yet. I've just been using things that I have around the house. I'm not going to tell y'all that I made a mistake and sewed the strap on the inside. LOL! I was dang it! But it was my first time so cut me some slack! 

Here is my finished product:

What do you guys think? I'm on the road to designing and making my own things and I'm excited! After doing this all in one weekend, I was mad at myself for putting it off for so long. Whatever your dreams are, if they mean alot to you, GO FOR IT! Even if it's a flop you can say that you did it. Life is about living not just existing! 

So what do you guys think? Too much? Not enough? Have anything to add? Let me know in the comments below! 

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