B. Ayesha's Phenomenal Allies Feature: Madison Gems

Hey Guys & Dolls!! 

I'm so excited to present this week's feature on B. Ayesha's Phenomenal Allies! I'm a big supporter of small business owners. What better way to show my support but by featuring them and helping to get their name out, right? Here's another week of awesomeness! 

I'm pleased to introduce to you Ifeyinwa Onwualu, Founder of Madison Gems!

B. Ayesha: What is your name?
Ify: My name is Ifeyinwa Onwualu. Affectionately known as Ify.

B. Ayesha: What is the name of your business? 
Ify: The name of my business is Madison Gems. Our mission is to provide men, women and children with opulent fashion jewelry and accessories at a guilt free price, delivered right to your door. 

B. Ayesha: How long have you been in business (anniversary)?
Ify: I've been in business since May 2011. However, I just launched my website www.madisongems.com on June 14, 2014. 

B. Ayesha: How did you get started in this business?
Ify: I've always loved accessorizing, moreover, I loved accessorizing on a budget. As a result, I got a business license so that my sisters and I could cash-in on wholesale prices. I always imagined that I would own a boutique one day, however, I decided to attain my education first, with a bachelors degree in International Business and an MBA in Hospitality & Tourism Management. Consequently, I couldn't find gainful employment in my field, so I decided to pursue my passion for merchandising and put my business license to use by starting my website. 

B. Ayesha: What are the biggest issues for running this type of business? 
Ify: One of the biggest issues for running my business is time management. My life is not 100% balanced between my personal and professional life. I'm so excited about my business and eager to be a force to be reckoned with, that oftentimes I'm online researching and planning at 1am and I don't have much time to dedicate to family and friends. However, I'm currently managing my work schedule to allot more time for myself and my loved ones, and it seems to be working. 

B. Ayesha: Running your own business can become overwhelming at times. What motivates you to keep going?
Ify: My motivation to keep going is to pay off my student loans, in addition to creating a comfortable life for myself and my family. I also have a drive for challenging myself, waking up everyday knowing that I have a purpose is paramount to my success. 

B. Ayesha: What is the future for this type of business?
Ify: The future of Madison Gems to become a household name for offering the highest quality merchandise, excellence and customer service. My 5-10 year plan is to have brick and mortar locations internationally, offer franchising opportunities, and to be recognized as an enterprise that participates in Global humanitarian efforts. In addition, I anticipate offering style enhancing classes in the near future. These classes will educate my clients on how to accessorize their wardrobes, as well as instructional classes on jewelry care.

B. Ayesha: What advice would you give other aspiring entrepreneurs? 
Ify: The best advice I can give to an aspiring entrepreneur is to do exactly what you love, take risks even though you're unaware of the outcome, work diligently to learn the in's and out's of your industry, and don't be afraid to ask for help, because you can go much further with a team than you can alone. Moreover, put everything in God's hands

If you would like to delve more into the fabulousness that is Ify and Madison Gems, you can find out more on these social mediums: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Website

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