Motivational Mondays!!

Hey Y'all!

It's time for some new Week Motivation! Today's Motivation is brought to us by Shine Text!

Back at it! Let’s talk about your expectations for the week.

Turns out lowering the bar won’t make you happier. This week, have great expectations. 😊

We often think low expectations protect us from possible failure. Truth is? We’re just blocking our opportunities.

Expect a good week. 👏

New research says *positive expectations*👌 about the future, based on past experiences, helps us succeed more than just general positive thinking.

Today, try 'WOOP' (yep, there it is) for a more effective approach ✊ to your goals this week.

- (W)ishing for something you'd like to achieve
- Imagining a good (O)utcome
- Examining the (O)bstacles
- Coming up with a (P)lan to overcome those obstacles

Now go roll into the week with some excellent expectations. 💪

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Until Next Time! Stay Beautiful!