Motivational Mondays!!

Hey Guys and Dolls!

"Courage is the power of the mind to overcome fear" - Martin Luther King, Jr., activist, minister, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and master of courage. Today's Shine is all about flexing your bravery.

Courage doesn't mean we're fearless—it means following our beliefs despite our fear.

Today, flex your bravery. 👊🏽

The more we practice courage, the easier it gets to push past "What ifs?" + other fears.

Then, we can start to tackle each day in our most authentic, powerful way. 💪🏽

Today, find 1 way to flex your courage. Maybe it's standing up for your beliefs (like MLKJ) or making that change you've been thinking of—and embracing the uncertainty.

Shine with courage. ✊🏽

P.s. How to voice your truth—on your own terms: by clicking here.

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Until Next Time! Stay Beautiful!