B Ayesha's Phenomenal Allies feature: She IS Creations

Hola BAye Hive Tribe!

Welcome to another fabulous week of Small Business Tuesday!

I'm so excited to present this week's feature on Bina Ayesha's Phenomenal Allies! I'm a big supporter of small business owners/founders. What better way to show my support but by featuring them and helping to get their name out, right? Here's another week of awesomeness!

I'm pleased to introduce to you April Imani-Smith, Chief Creative Director/Owner of She IS Creations.

B. Ayesha: What is the name of your business?
April: She IS Creations

B. Ayesha: Where are you located?
April: Jacksonville, Florida

B. Ayesha: How long have you been in business (anniversary)?
April: 2 Years 3/26/17

B. Ayesha: How did you get started in this business?
April: Actually by way of a gift, I always had a passion for helping people and giving back, so I was gifted equipment and I turned my passion into a business. Now I help bring my customers vision to life.

B. Ayesha: What are the biggest issues for running this business?
April: Any custom business has it’s moments, mainly the fact that custom is not instant, lol. I take pride in each and every order, but they take time.

B. Ayesha: What do you see as the future for your business?
April: As far as the future goes, I see She IS Creations continuing to expand and build upon the foundation we have built thus far. We have some things in the works, that I will be excited to share very soon. 

B. Ayesha: Running your own business can become overwhelming at times. What motivates you to keep going?
April: God, Family, and my customers. When my customers tag me or take me on the journey with them through the emotions behind the shirts or custom item, I know at that moment, I am walking in my purpose. 

B. Ayesha: What advice would you give other aspiring entrepreneurs?
April: Never give up, you just don’t know how close you are to your actual goal. Always be a student, master your craft, and stay positive.

B. Ayesha: Is there anything else you would like my readers to know about you and/or your business?
April: She IS Creations also has a line of affirmation Tees that encourage women to be the best version of themselves and the home of Bling Tees & Cocktails, a social hour to allow women to bond over bling and have a good time. Thank you for hanging out with me and for more info, you can check us out at www.sheiscreations.com

If you would like to delve more into the fabulousness that is April and She IS Creations, you can find her on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and her website www.sheiscreations.com

So what do you guys think? Any additional questions? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for tuning in!! See you next time!