Poised Legacy, it is a verb...

Greetings BAye Hive,

     This has been a most memorable week for the generation that grew up with the rise of social media. I did find it difficult to gather my thoughts for this week's blog and to be honest, I'm still struggling. I'm struggling because there are many subjects I could touch on. None of them are more important than the other but there are three that continue to swirl in my brain.


     The first being, what will be my legacy when I transition from earth? The second is how the grieving process is unique to every individual and people should not be forced to respond, react, when, and how others feel they should. Finally, where did the need to be first void of accuracy, quality, compassion come from? I really do not have answers for my last two thoughts at the moment. I can only assure you all reading that:

  1. It is okay to grieve publicly and privately. Men and women.
  2. You don't owe anyone or anything an explanation about your feelings on demand.
  3. Healing is not instant. Take all the time you need.
  4. No, is and will always be a complete sentence. Use it when necessary and without guilt.


     The need to be first has become a huge problem in many areas. It has created an atmosphere of unhealthy competition and caused significant emotional distress for many. I'm still trying to process this one for myself to revisit at a later date.


     As it pertains to my poised legacy, it is my hope that I will be remembered in a positive light. I have expressed in the past, if I can impact the life of just one, then I've done my part. Today, I don't feel like one is enough. I just don't. It has been said that the life you live is your obituary/eulogy in action. It is my desire to make that crafting extremely easy for whomever may write and/or deliver it. In love and light of the numerous loved ones who transitioned this week, ask yourself, what will be my legacy and am I actively writing it? I'll leave you to ponder that for yourself.

Until next time remain...