Brunching - Cash Only Transactions!

Greetings BAye Hive!
Spring is on it's way and that means we'll all be getting out and doing a bit more. More activities, more social engagements, just more all around. I recently went to brunch with a group of ladies to celebrate the birthday of a friend. Brunch was everything! For $28, all you can eat blend of breakfast and lunch choices to include various salads, fruits and desserts. Also included was all you can drink mimosas and poinsettias.

I must say the spread was quite pleasing to my pallet and I felt like I definitely got my money's worth. Not necessarily because I ate a lot but because there were enough options to choose from that met my diet choice of seafood only. For that price, I believe I came out on top. Now what I really enjoyed were the unlimited drinks. I enjoyed the poinsettia, then switched to the mimosas and eventually tried a mix adding some of the fruit for more flavor. Absolutely refreshing!

The group of ladies that were in attendance also were a blast. It's always a pleasure to enjoy the company of positive women as we celebrated life with our mutual friend. That day was a good day.

Later on in the week, I browsed my banking account as I normally do to ensure the accuracy of my past transactions. As I scanned, I came upon the brunch transaction and I was a bit perplexed. The amount charged to my account was unfamiliar so I had to locate my receipt. I have made it a habit of doing this after experiencing some foul practices in the past. Wouldn't you know my memory had not failed me but the abundance of mimosas and poinsettias had. In my happy state, when signing my bill, I took note of the gratuity added, wrote that amount into the tip line, then wrote the sub total plus gratuity only amount on the total line and signed. Done!

Well, the math was incorrect obviously. The waiter helped me out and went ahead and added the tip, which was the already included gratuity amount to the final total giving himself double. Yup, he did that. I have the receipt to prove it.
At first I was a little taken aback but I had to think was it worth my time to address it all things considered. I pondered it for a bit and decided, I should have paid more attention. He was a good waiter and quite honestly he'd earned it.

My takeaway: I'm going to make it a point to start using cash again more often. I go back and forth with this several times throughout the year. However, when using cash, it leaves no room for situations like this when the spirits are flowing. I pay, I get my change and I'm sure to count it on the spot.

I do hope he enjoyed the double tip and it was put to good use!
I'm serious about the cash only now though. I'm funny about my money! Lol

How would you have handled this? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Message me below.

Until next time remain...
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