Yes, you can say no!

Greetings BAye Hive!

I was just thinking about all the times we are asked to do something and we don't utilize our rightful option to say no. Here are few examples:

Do YOU want to see (fill in the blank)?
Do YOU want to go (fill in the blank)?
Do YOU want to (fill in the blank)? 
Can YOU (fill in the blank)?

You don't want to do whatever has been asked of you but, you don't say no. Why not?

Why is it so difficult for us to say "No" when we know it's not really what we want to do?

I remember walking through the food court at the mall one day and it seemed everybody was giving away free samples. As I passed each of them I declined their samples. Oh my goodness! If I could have snapped a picture of each of them after I said no, you would have thought I'd responded with profanity.

Maybe they could not understand someone turning down free food but I don't eat meat first and foremost. Secondly, this food has been out and landed on by who knows what, breathed on, reached over, etc. I did not want it and it should not have been such a shock when someone said no thank you. No is an exceptable response to a yes or no question forever and always.

I have a friend who was asked by a young lady who was talking about her baby to someone near her. She turned around and asked my friend if she also wanted to see her baby and my friend told her no. The young lady became offended because she couldn't understand why my friend didn't want to see the picture.

No, does not require and explanation after it is said. Maybe someone may provide one and maybe they won't. They most certainly aren't required to do so. This is something we must understand.  In my story above, just because the baby is cute, seeing a cute baby may be triggering for another. You just never know. This is just an example however, we must respect the boundaries of others. We must also set our own.

Listen, if you are reading this and you've always been the "Yes" person and it is beginning to weigh on you, it is time to start setting your boundaries. Now is a fine time to figure out what you have been doing that you don't really want to do. You most certainly can be using that time to do what you really want to do.

This is the perfect time to begin to get in tune with yourself. A poised individual is definitely in tune with themselves. P. O. I. - In tune with self and I encourage you to practice saying no with a period at the end. No further explanation is needed or required and remember this if you are on the receiving end of the no. Learning to say no affirmatively, when necessary, will change your life!

Until next time remain...

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