All These Opinions!

Greetings BAye Hive!

The Professor took a little break to reflect on my gift of another year of life and regroup for my new year! I got to pondering a conversation I'd had with my cousin about how much people in general love to give their opinion. Hilarious conversation but he actually incorporates these opinions into his business. It's pretty amazing to see it in action. 

The next time you get the opportunity, observe how an individual perks up when you prompt them with one of these below.

"Hey, can I get your opinion?"

"Tell me what you think about this."

"What do you think?"

Generally, people are very eager to give you their opinion. It doesn't matter how subjective it may be. It's unique to each and they are more than happy to offer it to you. The benefit to this is that it's free of charge. How fantabulous is that?

Now what happens when people offer their opinion to you and you never asked for it?
It usually sounds something like one of these below.

''Let me tell you what I think."

"This is what I think you should do."

"Well I think..."

How do you handle these situations? Do you internalize them? Do you become angry? Defensive? Naturally, creative people can be sensitive about their work but can you be receptive to feedback or opinions that may propel you forward?

In my previous blog, I talked about rejecting constructive criticism from someone whose energy was not in a positive place. You absolutely always have the right to say "No" to anyone about anything. However, there are times when listening to the opinions of others can be beneficial. 

When it comes to your ideas, your gifts, talents, hopes, your dreams, they almost always lead you to your purpose in life if you follow them. Only you were given that unique purpose to fulfill. Pursue it with everything!

Unfortunately, sometimes we get caught up in how the journey should look. Here is where purpose collides with opinion. Your purpose in life does not change because someone offers their opinion on how your pursuit looks currently. Your purpose also does not change if you make adjustments along the way.

There will be times when an opinion of someone will lead to a creative stepping stone which can elevate you closer to your goal. They may provide some insight or give a suggestion for doing something that you never thought about. Free! Bottom line, some things are not personal, it's just business. Always be open to new ideas.

My takeaway, do not be so stuck on fulfilling your purpose or reaching your goals in a particular way. If you are selling a product or service, listen to the free feedback. Especially the opinions of those who may be in your target market. Whether it be subjective, objective, negative or positive, try to learn something from it. Analyze it without internalizing. Adjust, apply if applicable. Keep pushing, you have purpose!

Until next time remain, 
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