5 Things that will instantly make you happy!

Happy Thursday!

Let's face it, sometimes the funk is real and it's heavy! I'm not referring to a foul smell, stench or sour onion body odor. I'm talking about your mood. On my poised journey, I have found that the longer I wait to do something about my not so chipper mood, the harder it is to lift. I thought I'd share my tried and true secrets to brightening my spirits. 

Mood lifter #1

Babies and Toddlers! Kids period! I follow quite a few sites that feature babies and kids doing what kids do and it just brightens my mood instantly. Of course, some of the photos are staged for commercial purposes but, there is no denying the instant effect a cute little kid has on us. It works!

Mood lifter #2

A talk with an elder! In this particular situation, an elder is anyone over the age of 70 years old.  People over the age of 70 will generally say exactly how they feel if asked and I absolutely love it. If you know them well enough, you know exactly what topic will get them going. Call them up and stir the pot. I gaurantee you'll be in a better mood when the conversation concludes.

Mood lifter #3
The excitement of buying something for yourself is quite electrifying. I don't care how small or inexpensive it may be. It's new and it's something you wanted at that moment. Now you get to look forward to the package being delivered. I love receiving packages. Even if it is just a new shower cap that has a satin lining. That was my happy purchase this morning and I'm on cloud 9!

Mood lifter #4

Sweets! Think about that time you went to someone's office or place of business and they had treats for their guests. Not to mention when it's an array of your favorites. Tootsie Rolls, Jolly Ranchers, Milky Way bites, Hershey Kisses or something else that makes your your eyes bug out. Those are some of my favorites but let's not forget the baked goods and ice cream we may have in the house. When I think about celebrations, they usually have an element of sweets so it makes sense. Sweets or simply sugar, elevates our mood. Sugar rush for the win!

Mood lifter #5 
An orgasm. Do I really need to elaborate? It's proven science. While pursuing the big O, all of your senses should be engaged. Therefore, your mind is no longer on what had you down. I couldn't exclude the big "O" from my list although, I'm not sure what my father is going to say after he reads this. He's 70 by the way so the feedback will be quite interesting. 
Take note of those things that perk you up. It may be some of the things that I've shared or a totally different list and that's okay. As an individual who battles depression, these are some things that help me throughout my days. Use what works for you. The last thing you want to do is stay in a dark mood for too long. The sooner you address the funk, the sooner you can get back to that sweet place, the happy you, who E.xpects great things D.aily!

Until next time remain...P.O.I.S.E.D.

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