What's Your Why?

Greetings BAye Hive!

Signing in from the Dallas- Fort Worth area of Texas. I’d like to mark myself safe from the Snowpocalypse of February 2021. I do feel for those still dealing with the aftermath. They say here everything is big in Texas and I would have to agree. To include big F-ups! We won’t get into that today. Praying for those affected and serving when and where I can. Which kind of falls in line with what I will continue from a previous Instagram post @professor_poised on Instagram. (https://www.instagram.com/professor_poised/)

I was reflecting after reading a quote I shared on Instagram along with my thoughts. I had more to say so now I’m blogging the conclusion.

Oh where, oh where would we be without our "why" defined? Unfortunately, most of us have been there at some point regarding something in our lives. How can you get to a destination if the purpose is not a part of you, you don't live it, you don't breathe it?

I’ve always loved helping people out. Being of service to others has never really been foreign. In fact, I think it may be in my DNA. My maternal grandmother Gloria fed everybody if they were hungry.  She was “Ms. Hall’ to some and “Granny” to many others. We couldn’t go anywhere without someone on the bus, in a store, walking down Canal St, New Orleans, saying, “Hey Ms. Hall” waving with a huge grin on their face. She was light!

I know my grandmother new her purpose. She worked for years as the cook in many catholic rectories throughout the city. Even though she wasn’t Catholic the priest loved her and her cooking all the same. She loved on people through her service to them when in need. My mother serves and naturally I serve.

I have always said if I can just change the course of one person’s life for the better, I feel that would be huge. Just to have that kind of impact on a person is extremely humbling. If I can help more than one, I’ll be overjoyed! Although my grandmother, my mother and myself don’t all serve exactly the same, I believe that their why, just like mine has been defined. That why is what keeps us going even when we don’t feel like we can. It’s in us, part of who we are; it’s what we do.

Step 1! Define your why. I can honestly say answering that question for myself has helped over the last few months. I still feel like there is something more and in time I know it will be revealed. We are ever evolving beings if we allow ourselves space to continue to grow. You define your why, walking in your purpose is so much easier!

Unitl next time remain…

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You've got this. Chin up, strut fierce!