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Stress is something most people have gotten used to living with. It's that sensation which prevents you from relaxing and forgetting about your problems.The feeling you get when you are under pressure and feel like you can no longer cope with all the tasks you are given and with all the problems you have to face. Stress is that sensation which does not let you eat or sleep or allows you to fully enjoy the minutes spent with your loved ones. 

The majority of the world population suffers from this “disease” called stress. Most of them, as mentioned previously, have gotten used to it. Yet, this does not mean that they are not affected by the harmful effects of stress, such as loss of appetite, sleep disorders, weight loss, as well as different sores and pains. One of the organs which are most affected by stress is the brain. Feelings of anxiety, nervousness, memory problems, focusing problems and panic attacks are only a few of the mental conditions which can result when the brain has to face periods with too much pressure and stress. 

In addition to that, the increase of intelligence is practically impossible when it is under the harmful effects of stress. The reasons are multiple and quite easy to understand. 

*First, losing your power of focusing and your patience, you no longer have any chance of learning anything, thus you no longer train your brain. A fact which results in failing to acquire new information and even start to lose some of the information you already have. 

*Secondly, stress affects your capacity of resting and when your brain is tired, it refuses to collaborate. Thus, any intellectual activity is stopped, preventing your brain from increasing its abilities. 

*Last, but not least, the eating disorders and lack of sleep which are effects of stress have a significant contribution in stopping any mental activity and intellectual expansion. 

Thus, if you are thinking of increasing your intelligence, you should first learn how to eliminate stress from your life, as this is the time when your brain will start using all its capacity and work at its highest power. 

You can never completely rid your life of stress. Honestly, some stress is healthy. However, any stress that's interfering with your memory, sleep and/or appetite is definitely unhealthy stress. Everything starts with our brain. Our thought processes send signals to other parts of our body. Thus the pains mentioned above. 

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Go ahead and try it – you might just surprise yourself!

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