What Kind of Leader are You?

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No matter the project, one thing is clear, your leading style can have a negative or positive impact on the outcome. Often, an unsuccessful project is due to the leadership style you project, not the work itself. To be a better leader, learn about the pros and cons of each leadership type. You can take the good from each style to create your own personal leadership style. 




This type of leader relies on dictating actions or tasks to complete the goal. This includes establishing the goal and controlling how it gets done. Authoritarian leaders must have full control of the process from start to finish. These types of leaders are best suited for military personnel, as they can often seem overbearing and demanding. 




A paternalistic leader is similar to an authoritarian but with more of a family-like atmosphere. While followers must do the work inspired by the paternalistic leader, it feels more family-like as they play more of a loving, caring, and paternal-like role. 




You are a democratic leader if you require and value the input of everyone more than yourself. You don’t need to control every aspect of the project and understand your team can offer value where you can’t. You are there as a guide and support to ensure important things are done. This type of leadership is known to be the most effective for team-based projects as it’s a perfect balance of authoritarian and laissez-faire. It allows people to be creative while hitting the main objectives resulting in more quality work and productivity. 




This type of leader has something to them that is liked and admirable by those around them. There is compelling attractiveness or charm that can easily inspire or motivate anyone to get to work. Those around charismatic leaders want to make them happy and empress as they aspire to be like them. 




Are you hands-off and expect your workers to do the bulk of the work without oversite? Do you make it obvious what the overall objective is but have the confidence in your team to get it done and walk away?


If you don’t need consent validation from your team or meetings to guide the project, you are a laissez-faire leader. Watch out, as this leadership style often leads to mismanagement and disorganization. This type of leadership is best for highly skilled, experienced, confident, and trustworthy employees. 




Last but certainly not least is a transactional leader. This type of leader offers rewards in exchange for something else. Sales departments often use this as motivation to complete repeated or mundane tasks.


Remember that just because you tend to adopt one leadership style doesn’t mean you can’t change or need to, depending on the project. Each leadership style works for certain types of people, and it's crucial to evaluate yourself and the people you are working with on the project to adapt and lead successfully.

In sum: Your leadership style is actually fairly simple when you apply the above six tips. So let me leave you with one last tip: Your leadership style can make or break your relationship with the people under you. Sometimes you may have to use certain aspects of more than one style to firmly get your point across.

Take action right now, even if you don’t feel ready.

So get to it – you’re going to be glad you did!

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