5 Gentle but Effective Ab Exercises for Women

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Before I begin, let's get out the legalities. 

This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and does not constitute medical or other professional advice. Please seek medical advice before you do any type of fitness.

Okay. Now that we've gotten that out of the way...

We all recognize the media's obsession with celebrities and their weight and how they instantly deride anyone with even the smallest quantity of fat on them.  This has meant many normal people like you and I becoming more than a little obsessed with having a flat stomach.

You will do these easy abdominal exercises to get a flat abdomen while not hurting yourself.  These exercises are safe no matter what level of fitness you have and very effective at toning up your stomach.

The "six pack" muscles are the top layer of muscles in your stomach.  Unless the underlying obliques and transversus abdominis muscles are toned they will not lay flat.  You can concentrate as much as you wish on your six pack, but unless you've toned this transverse layer, your tummy can still stick out a little.

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The Floor Bicycle

Lay on the floor on your back with your legs out straight and put your hands behind your head.  Lift one leg, bending your knee as you contract your abdomen muscles and raise your shoulders slightly off the floor.  Don't pull your knee.

Bring your elbow and knee together bending so that they touch.  Then lower your leg and elbow and execute the same exercises on the other side.

Initially you'll need to perform this slowly but as you get more and more comfortable with it you'll speed it up.  You can vary this by bringing opposite knees and elbows together which requires you to turn your upper body slightly.  This provides the oblique muscles a work out.

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Deep Belly Breaths

This could be a great exercise you'll be able to do any time during the day, together with whilst working, driving or maybe sitting in front of the television.  Sit up straight together with your shoulders back and take a deep breath.  Let your stomach expand outwards as your body remains relaxed as you breath in.  Then as you let it out, contract your tummy muscles and squeeze every last bit of air out.

Deep Belly Breaths Part 2

This exercise requires you to be laying on the floor.  Lay down on your back, elevate your legs up and bend them at the knees.  Hold the back of your legs with your hands ensuring your elbows are pointing outwards.  Repeat the deep belly breath exercises but imagine you are pulling your belly button through to your back after you breathe out.

Gentle Crunches

Keep yourself in the identical position as the previous exercise and do a crunch by pulling your legs towards you and lifting up your upper body.  It is okay to curve your back up but don't pull your head forwards.  Start by doing as many as you'll be able to without any discomfort and stop if it starts to hurt even slightly.

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Side Lifts

These are great to tone up your oblique muscles and will be a little bit of a challenge till you get used to them.  Lay on the ground on your side leaning on your elbow together with your forearm lying flat on the floor.  Ensure that your body is straight and lift up your leg and hold for around ten seconds.  Repeat this five to ten times, or more if you are in a position to without hurting yourself) and then turn over and swap legs.

You do not want to try and injure yourself doing thousands of sit ups so as to get a flat abdomen.  If you are doing these 5 exercises consistently then you'll get a nicely toned belly.

I hope these exercises help. Do you have any other exercises that we all can try? Leave a comment.

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