Happy Holidays!!

Haven't blogged in a couple weeks. Nothing major has been going on really. The holidays are here and I'm just thankful for healthy children and perfectly imperfect life. Just been reflecting over the year. Boy has then been a year! Lost people that I love. Miss the people that I lost before this year even got here. Thankful for wonderful family and friends who love me. Especially thankful for the people who love me for who I am and not for the reflection of themselves that they may or may not see in me. That's called unconditional, for those who didn't know. *wink* :-) Time to start bringing all the dreams in my head to reality. Time to start demanding the same effort from the people in my life, that I give to them. I've come to realize that I give so much of myself. I'm not really quite sure if it's returned by the same measurements. Everyone should do that. Not only do people leach off of your dreams, money , time etc., after a while they start to leach off of your soul. So let's not make any New Year's resolutions cause most people never follow through on those things. Start right now on the things that you know you need to improve upon. Not for anyone else, but for yourself. Appreciate the people that love you... No CHERISH them. No one is promised tomorrow. Make the best of today and forget yesterday... Stop holding grudges... Say how you feel, forgive and move on!! When I blog again it will probably be a new year... So... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

All my LOVE,
Bina Baby :-)