My Thoughts on Trayvon Martin, Our People and the World in General

I've been sitting here thinking what I should say... How can I express myself without letting ALL the anger that I feel overpowering my message. The realest thing that I've read so far is "Niggas are always taking a stand against taking a stand" I have seen countless people say that if this was a white person would we be outraged. Or We kill ourselves all the time, why do people care now. Really? REALLY?!?! Whether people want to recognize the ELEPHANT in the room or not... THIS IS ABSOLUTELY A RACE ISSUE!! If Trayvon was white, George Zimmerman would have never looked at him in the first place. AND if he did KILL him, the police would've arrested him on the SPOT! How can you as a person, regardless of race, NOT be angry?!?! And how can people get on TV and say that this was self defense? Really? So if I follow you, chase you down, confront you AND then KILL you, please tell me what part of that was self defense on my side?!?! Let's be real people! Right is right and WRONG is WRONG!! And this case is not an isolated event. It happens ALL the time! Trayvon is just the symbol for all INJUSTICE EVERYWHERE!! And stop saying "Well so and so was shot and killed in my hood yesterday and no one rallied for them." Where the FUCK were you?! Take a stand! The same way someone decided that this wasn't right and they took a stand, YOU can take a stand too! Stop waiting for the AL Sharpton's and the Jesse Jackson's and the P. Diddy's to say something! Get a fire in your ASS and do what YOU can to make this world a better place! ONE person CAN make a difference! We have got to stop caring more about a pair of shoes or clothes, more than we care about our sisters and brothers! Make a difference in the life of these young men and women who are being led astray! I hope and pray that people's brains have awakened and the REVOLUTION has begun! BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN THIS WORLD!! Do it for your children, nieces, nephews, sisters, cousins, neighbors, and friends! Do it because it's RIGHT! If I can't change the world, I'm going to die trying!! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!! KNOW JUSTICE, KNOW PEACE!!! 


  1. powerful sis....well said....lets continue to wake the MENTALLY DEAD!


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