What Should Every Woman Have in her Purse? Here are the Top 15 Must Haves!

Hi Guys and Dolls!!

It's me again! This week I did a poll of some of my wonderful social friends asking them what they thought were essentials for a woman's purse. This was fun and funny because women have everything in their purse but the kitchen sink. I really had to giggle at some of the things they said like a mini bat, snacks and knee-hi stockings, to name a few. Eventually I narrowed it down to the top 15. So let's get into it!

15. Number fifteen on the list is a flashlight. Flashlights are really needed when you're out at night. This is an item that is really important for women's safety.

14. Next we have Safety pins. We all have had that moment where we lose a button or tear something. Those safety pins can come in handy for fashion emergencies!

13. Now what would we do without our cellphones! Besides our addiction to being in the know of what's going on at all times, cellphones are great for emergency situations. Heaven forbid you get stranded somewhere! 

12. Now what would we do without a mirror?! Honey you have got to make sure your makeup and hair is perfect, right? 

11. Is your nose running? Do you need to fix your lipstick? Well, coming in at #11, having tissues in your purse may just come in handy. 

10. Gotta make sure our hair is in place, so to go along with that mirror, we will definitely need a comb and/or brush! 

9. Hair Accessories ( pins, headbands, hair ties, etc) I promise you this list was full of things to ensure we look amazing at all times! LOL! 

8. It was a common consensus that you need to have at least one ink pen in your purse. I have pens in my purse because I have children and there's always something for me to sign. 

7. This next item is something that I think I'm addicted to doing. It shows my obsessive nature. LOL! Number 7 on the list is hand sanitizer!

6. You can never be too careful when it comes to personal hygiene. Number 6 on the list is personal hygiene items (i.e deodorant, sanitary napkins, tampons).

5. Can't walk around with ashy hands right? LOL! Gotta keep that hand lotion on deck!

4. Coming in at number 4, we had a lot of the ladies say they need some form of physical protection. We have things such as mace, guns and tasers. 

3. So we can't walk around with all this stuff in our purse and not have something to freshen our breath, right? Coming in at number 3 is breath mints and/or gum.

2. Okay, we're coming down to the wire. At number 2 we have your wallet! Duh! LOL! This would be anything from your ID, money or ATM Card. Can't leave home without this stuff, right?

1. Okay here we are at number one!! The answer that showed up the MOST out of all items was *drum roll please* LIPGLOSS! LOL! Did you guys guess this one? We will not be seen in public with dry lips! No ma'am, no sir! 
Whew! I know those bags are HEAVY! LOL! What do you guys have in your purse? Is this too much stuff? Would you take out some or add more to it? Let me know!

So what do you guys think?! Too much? Not enough? Let me know! Comment below!! 

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~B. Ayesha
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