Natural Hair Odyssey Part 2

Heeeyyy Guys & Dolls!
I'm baaaccckkkk! I hope you guys have been doing well. I have decided to do a three part series on Natural Hair. This first post was about my personal transition to returning to my natural hair. I always say returning natural as opposed to going natural because your natural hair is where it all began. Here's a link to the post in case you missed it. Click here. The other two parts will be centered on natural hair product recipes and then the last one will be about small businesses that produce natural hair products with natural ingredients and/or some of my fave products centered around natural hair. 

Okay!! Let's get started with these natural hair recipes!!

People look at me crazy when I say this butttttttt (drum roll please) I don't use shampoo! *gasp* LOL! Nah! It's just not good for natural hair. To each his or her own of course but my hair doesn't do well with shampoo so I stay away from it. There are a couple things you can do to cleanse your hair with-out using shampoo.

1. Co-wash - basically washing your hair with conditioner (I'll let y'all know my fave co-wash in part 3.

2. ACV - Apple Cider Vinegar rinse will cleanse your hair of all product build up and will also restore the PH balance to your hair. 

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2 cups of cider vinegar (herb infused or plain)
5 to 10 drops of essential oil
See our information on Essential Oils for Hair Care   for more recipes using essential oils


Mix vinegar and essential oils.
This mixture should be stored in a glass bottle since the essential oils may react with plastic.
Mixture can be used right away, but if you allow it to sit for a day or two the "flavors" will blend.
When ready to use: dilute 1/2 tablespoon of the vinegar/essential oil mixture in 1cup of water.
Rinse through wet hair after shampooing. Rinse it out with fresh water or, for extra conditioning benefits, just leave it in and towel dry hair.

3. African Black Soap - This is what I use to cleanse my hair. You can buy it in a tub and mold it or you can warm it up and add your choice of essential oils. They also make liquid black soap. Black Soap works in the same premise of ACV. It cleanses and restores your hair's PH. It's also good for your skin.

African Black Soap Recipe: 
Liquid Black Soap
Avocado Oil