VWISE NYC - Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Conference

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I'm baaaccckkkk! I hope you guys have been doing well. I have decided to dedicate this week's post to a conference that I attended with Katrina for Women Veteran Entrepreneurs!! Now let me tell you, this event was amazing! So I'm gonna go through some style stuff and then I'm going to go through a reflection of the conference and finally, I'm going to give you guys the info for the VWISE (Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship) Conference! 

Okay! So let's get started!

Why do we always completely stress over what we're going to wear when we go out of town? It's not like these people have ever seen anything in your closet so why do we tear the whole room up trying to find the perfect stuff? I know I'm not the only person that does that! LOL! 

Of course I waited to the last minute to pack my bag so that made me even more frantic! 

(This is a re-creation of my face. LOL!)

Anyway, I pushed through and these are some of my fashion choices for the weekend. 

All of these items are old. So I can't really give any details on them. HOWEVER, the Bow Tie is from Red Thread Fly Ties! They're an awesome small business that makes amazing  Bow ties and pocket squares/handkerchiefs! Here's a link to their Facebook Page (here). And of Course the jewelry is from Chaussure Boite by B. Ayesha!! 

I also had the pleasure of FINALLY meeting the woman behind Kindred Dreamheart! Katrina is an AMAZING young lady and I am so glad that we met through a mutual friend (who also attended the conference). We had a great time together. It was like I've known her all of my life. 

Katrina of Kindred Dreamheart & I!!

Katrina, Myself 
and Tamara of Phone Case Fetish

Okay, so let me give you a little background on this conference that we attended in New York City that was sponsored by VWISE which is a part of a collaboration of Syracuse University and JP Morgan Chase to give women veterans everything they need to be successful in entrepreneurship.

When I tell you that this conference was BEYOND amazing! That is the minimum that I can use to describe it. This was the best weekend EVER! Even if you have a well established business, you should attend simply for the uplifting motivational speakers. I learned so MUCH! I also feel so EMPOWERED! It just gave me a new outlook on myself as well as my business! I am so thankful to IVMF and all of the people who made this possible for myself and the many women veteran entrepreneurs that have and will attend this AMAZING Conference!

Michael Peterson Singer/Speaker/Hit Songwriter/Producer
& his wife Retired U.S. Army Colonel (ret) Jill W. Chambers

 Katrina of Kindred Dreamheart 
& Tamara of Phone Case Fetish

The June 2014 Class of VWISENYC

So now that you've seen these AWESOME photos, I know you're very intrigued as to what VWISE is all about, right?! 

wise welcome
V-WISE is committed to women Veterans by providing them the tools to become successful entrepreneurs.

Their goal is to integrate their leadership, integrity, focus
and drive into a premier educational training program taught by accomplished entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship educators from across the United States.
V-WISE enables women Veterans to find their passion and to learn the business-savvy skills to turn their ideas or businesses into a growth ventures. V-WISE recognizes entrepreneurship an important part of economic growth across the country and this program is the key for women Veterans to truly pursue their dreams and to make them a reality.

If you are a a woman and affiliated with the military (active duty, veteran or military spouse) I implore you to go to the website and APPLY! This was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot. It was very inspiration and motivational. So here is a link to VWISE one more time just in case! *hint hint*

So what do you guys think? Too much? Not enough? Have anything to add? Any additional questions? Let me know in the comments below! hanks for tuning in!! See you next time! 

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