Natural Hair Odyssey Part 3

Heeeyyy Guys & Dolls!

I'm baaaccckkkk! I hope you guys have been doing well. I have decided to do a three part series on Natural Hair. This first post was about my personal transition to returning to my natural hair. I always say returning natural as opposed to going natural because your natural hair is where it all began. Here's a link to the post in case you missed it. Click here. The second part was centered on natural hair product recipes. Click here if you missed it. So here we are at the last installment of this series. Today I will talk about my favorite small businesses that produce natural hair products with natural ingredients and some of my fave products centered around natural hair. 

Whew! That was a lot, right? LOL! Well let's get started on this last part!

I have type 4 hair as previously discussed in parts one and two. People with my type of hair usually need heavier/thicker products to help retain moisture. Also, even though we have courser type hair, type 4 hair is the most fragile and needs tender love and care! The method that I use is LOCS. It is a variation of the LOC method. The L stands for Liquid/Leave-in. The O stands for Oil. The C stands for Cream. The S in my variation stands for Seal. I had to add an extra step to ensure my hair doesn't dry out through out the day. Here is a link that further discusses the LOC method. (here

The products that I use for leave-in vary but I use Karen's Body Beautiful, WEN or Kinky Curly Knot Today. They all work well for their intended use. They make my hair easier to manage. If you try any of them out, let me know what you think.

Link here
Wen is a Conditioner Wash/Leave in. 
I use it to Co-Wash my hair and as a leave in. 
Link here.

Kinky Curly Works well because it helps to detangle as well as moisturize. 
Link here

Now you can use any oil that you like for this step. Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, etc. You can purchase oils at your local beauty supply store.

Additional Info here

Now the LOC method calls for a cream that you use for styling that will help to seal in the previous products. I personally haven't found a cream that works well enough for it to be the final product and a styling cream in one. I have, however, found two products that come close.

Qhemet Biologics makes the Amla & Olive Heavy Cream. I love it. Link here

One of my friends, who is a natural hair stylist, has developed a styling cream called Hydrate Me Please. This stuff is awesome! It really lives up to its name. Link here.

If I don't have the above products on hand and I have to use another styling cream, I use a butter such as shea, avocado, or mango. These seal in all the products that I put on my hair and helps to keep it moisturized for days. 

Link here


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