What A Great Weekend!!

Hey Guys and Dolls!! How was your weekend? Mine went pretty well! With that being said, I thought I'd share a few snappies from the weekend! 

Friday night, I hung out with some of my military natural hair sisters. They're still active but I'm a veteran. Anyway, we went to 45 Degrees. There was live music and then a DJ later on that night. I had a BLAST. I don't go out too often, so it's always nice to hang out with good people. Check out some more photos from Friday.

 Sunday, My sister came down from Maryland. She wanted to have a lunch/brunch with myself and some of her other close friends here in Virginia. We ended up going to Conch & Bucket. It's a really cute restaurant in the heart of Downtown Hampton. We had an excellent time. It was all about uplifting and empowering. What a great way to spend a Sunday, right? Check out the photos below!


 Gorgeous Ladies, huh? If you haven't done a women's empowerment lunch/brunch with your girl's, I highly advise it. It's such a positivity boost to start the week!

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