B. Ayesha's Phenomenal Allies Feature: LaShay Garland-Independent Distributor, ItWorks Global

Hey Guys & Dolls!! I'm so excited to present this week's feature on B. Ayesha's Phenomenal Allies! I'm a big supporter of small business owners. What better way to show my support but by featuring them and helping to get their name out, right? Here's another week of awesomeness! 

I'm pleased to introduce to you LaShay Garland-Independent Distributor, ItWorks Global!

B. Ayesha: What is your name?
LaShayLaShay Garland

B. AyeshaWhat is the name of your business? 
LaShayItWorks Global

B. AyeshaHow long have you been in business (anniversary)?
LaShayBegan as an Independent Distributor in July 5th 2012
B. AyeshaHow did you get started in this business?
LaShay I got started in the business when I received a blitz card (like a business card) from a lady who is now my upline.  I hosted a wrap party fell in love with the products mainly because they are all natural & when I was presented with how easy the business opportunity was, I said I'm all in.  I knew people who would want to try the product & because I'm into health & wellness I knew it would be the ideal business for me. 

B. Ayesha: What are the biggest issues for running this type of business?
LaShayThe biggest issue is managing my time.  I am training to be a fitness instructor, training for fitness figure competition, running my online jewelry business, working full time & being a mother...so I stay busy & have to make sure I make every minute count!

B. AyeshaWhat is the future for this type of business?
LaShayNetwork Marketing/Direct Sells has a great future.  You have to develop leadership & help your team before helping yourself.  I always think of what Jim Rohn said "If you help people get what they want, in turn you will get what you want."  You have to build a strong foundation, build leaders & help each other so that everyone is successful not just you!

B. AyeshaRunning your own business can become overwhelming at times. What motivates you to keep going?
LaShay My son motivates me to keep going! I want to leave a legacy for him & teach him that he can be a successful entrepreneur but he can't give up even when things are challenging.

B. AyeshaWhat advice would you give other aspiring entrepreneurs?
LaShayRemember why you started your business, Stay positive, speak your success into existence, write down goals, short/ long term & make sure that they are realistic!

If you would like to delve more into the fabulousness that is LaShay and ItWorks Global, you can find out more on these social mediums! InstagramTwitter, & Facebook.

So what do you guys think? Too Much Info? Any additional questions? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for tuning in!! See you next time!

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