Why I Can't Live Without Wet n Wild Lipstick

Hey Guys & Dolls!
It's me again! I hope you all have been doing WELL!! Today I will be talking about my FAVE lipstick brand. Is it Mac? Nah. Is it Chanel? Nah. My fave lipstick brand is *cue dramatic music* WET n WILD! I know you guys are like "Why Wet n Wild?" Well I have a few reasons. Number one is that it's AWESOME! (well duh) If you check out a lot of the "dupe" posts, you'll see wet n wild every time. 

If you're a fashionista on a budget, like most of us are, these dupes will be your saving grace. The ones that I have tried out are below:

Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb vs. Mac Diva
This is hands down my fave lipstick for Fall. It's as close to an exact dupe as your going to get. What makes it even better is that Wet n Wild only costs 2.00 as opposed to 15+ for Mac. Who doesn't love a great deal?

Here I am sporting the Cherry Bomb below:

  Wet n Wild Stoplight Red vs. Mac Ruby Woo
When I want to get my sexy on, I throw on this lipstick! Honey and let me tell you it's a show stopper! These are exact with the exception that Ruby Woo is more matte than Stoplight. Other than that, the color is spot on. 

We're both sporting Stoplight Red in this photo:

If you want to check out other people's opine on Wet n Wild as an alternative to higher end lipsticks, click here.

I love Wet n Wild lipstick because I can get the look of the higher end without spending the money. Also, this lipstick lasts! It's not made cheaply. I can put it on at the beginning of my evening and not worry about having to reapply through out the night!

So what do you think? Do you have any good dupes.   Have any questions? Comments? Concerns? Chime in below. We'd love to chat with you! 


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  1. Thanks for that information. I love Wet n Wild lipstick too! Sometimes I can not find it in certain stores but when I do..... I purchase it fast! :)


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