B. Ayesha's Phenomenal Allies Feature: Up-Townes Photography

Hey Guys & Dolls!! I'm so excited to present this week's feature on B. Ayesha's Phenomenal Allies! I'm a big supporter of small business owners. What better way to show my support but by featuring them and helping to get their name out, right? Here's another week of awesomeness! 

I'm pleased to introduce to you Darius Townes, Founder of Up-Townes Photography!

B. Ayesha: What is your name?
Darius: Darius A. Townes

B. Ayesha: What is the name of your business? 
DariusUp-Townes Photography

B. Ayesha: How long have you been in business (anniversary)?
Darius: 4 years 6 months and 9 days & I opened up for business May 11 , 2011

B. Ayesha: How did you get started in this business?
Darius: I got started in the photography/videography business about 12 years ago under Mr.Harry Washington .CEO and head photographer @ TsC Video and Photography Productions where i was a videographer. He has inspired me to start my own photography and since day 1, he and my family has been my number one supporters.

B. Ayesha: What are the biggest issues for running this type of business? 
Darius: Well the biggest issues i face on the regular, is the pricing. People ask for so much, but when it comes to the paper work, contracting, payment, etc. They ask questions and try to pay me with excuses. Or they try to tell me how to do my job . lol Its funny to me sometime.

B. Ayesha: Running your own business can become overwhelming at times. What motivates you to keep going?
Darius: WHAT motivates me??? Facing newer and bigger challenges. Knowing I have the ability to bring/put smiles on a person face after showing them their photo right after its taken. Makes me happy. Also allowing people to see my vision through my lens. Its almost as if I'm taking everyone on an adventurous journey and I'm the tour guide. Art is everything.... and everything is ART.

B. Ayesha: What is the future for this type of business?
Darius: The future is BRIGHT! BRIGHTER than ever. I'm learning more and more about the business side of things . and enjoy meeting new people on the way .
This year i was able to meet, greet and photograph The Ambassador of gospel music and also the longest running gospel TV show on television history. Dr.Bernice A. King. American minister (Daughter of late great civil rights leaders, Dr.Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King)   Aevin Dugas, (Guinness World Record Holder for the worlds largest natural afro) After achieving these career goals this year..... I feel as if there is no stopping Up-Townes Photography! Very Blessed to be in the position I'm in right now.

B. Ayesha: What advice would you give other aspiring entrepreneurs?
Darius: I encourage all aspiring entrepreneurs to chase after their desires, hopes and dreams. We all have our own stories.  Fear isn't an option. Be firm, Ultra Confident and humble. I started Up-Townes Photography with not a dime in my pocket.... but over the past few years in business I've been blessed and cannot and won't complain!

If you would like to delve more into the fabulousness that is Darius and Up-Townes Photography, you can find out more on these social mediums: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter! 

So what do you guys think? Too Much Info? Any additional questions? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for tuning in!! See you next time!

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