B. Ayesha's Phenomenal Allies Feature: Mo's Heroes

Hey Guys & Dolls!! I'm so excited to present this month's feature on B. Ayesha's Phenomenal Allies! I'm a big supporter of small business owners/founders. What better way to show my support but by featuring them and helping to get their name out, right? Here's another week of awesomeness!

I'm pleased to introduce to you ShaDonna, founder of Mo's Heroes!

B. Ayesha: What is your name?

ShaDonna: ShaDonna "Mo" McPhaul

B. Ayesha: What is the name of your business?

ShaDonna: Mo's Heroes, Inc


B. Ayesha: How long have you been in business (anniversary)?

ShaDonna: 2 years 7 Oct 2013


B. Ayesha: How did you get started in this business?

ShaDonna: I wanted to take the passion that I had for volunteering and helping our veterans, service members, and their families into an official 501(c)3 organization to make the biggest impact possible.


B. Ayesha: What are the biggest issues for running this business?

ShaDonna: Communication


B. Ayesha: What is the future for this type of business?

ShaDonna: Non-profit organization are going to be around for a long time. Everyone is struggling with something and their are organizations around to support all of our citizens.


B. Ayesha: Running your own business can become overwhelming at times. What motivates you to keep going?

ShaDonna: My 3 year old son, Charles and the hundred of service men and women that I served with over the last 19 years.


B.Ayesha: What advice would you give other aspiring entrepreneurs?

ShaDonna: Never stop dreaming, Never stop believing and trust that God will not let you down.


B. Ayesha: Is there anything else you would like my readers to know about you and/or your business?

ShaDonna: I have a book project "Shift ON' being released on 9 Feb 2016. People can download our Mo's Heroes Mobile App for free to stay tuned about events coming up to help our veterans and their families. 


If you would like to delve more into the fabulousness that is ShaDonna and Mo's Heroes, you can find her at one of these social mediums: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and website.

So what do you guys think? Too Much Info? Any additional questions? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for tuning in!! See you next time!

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