Monday Motivation!!

Good Afternoon BAye Hive!!

Ready for some Monday motivation? Today's Shine will help you add a little extra fire to your hustle.

What's one hope you have for this week? 🤔 Today, name your aim.

Hopeful about this week? Gooood.

Hope is you allowing yourself to want something.

Today, unapologetically name your aim.

Sometimes, the scariest thing is to let go of our fear + embrace hope. 💛

Until Next Time! Stay Beautiful!

But taking time to name our desires? It helps us know what we want.

Today, try this radical thing: Take 30 seconds and think of 1 thing you want to happen this week.

Get clear about what you desire—and savor that bit of hope.

Here's to more hopeful Monday BAye Hive!! #ShineOn

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Until Next Time! Stay Beautiful!