Black F.L.Y. (Finally Loving Yourself)

Hey BAye Hive!

I have something special for you guys! On 17 June, I debuted Black F.L.Y.!!

I've been working on this clothing brand/line for a while. I've always wanted something specific as a symbol for what motivates me to continue my business.

Most often, you will see F.L.Y. meaning first love yourself. Here is the reason that my F.L.Y. stands for FINALLY loving yourself. As we grow up, we have to figure out who we are outside of what our parents, friends, schools, religions, etc. teaches us. It's easy to say love yourself first but who are you, really? 

When you get to the moment where you are authentically yourself. When you have shed all the BS of the world and just do what makes you happy, only then do you finally get to a point where you love YOURSELF. 

So that's the basis of Black F.L.Y. You will often see Black spelled with the continent of Africa as the A. As a Black/African American/Person of Color (or whatever you want to call it), this has become a part of how I'm learning how to love MYSELF. A lot of people that look like me can relate. 

We all can relate to being a Black butterfly that is spreading its wings and learning how to F.L.Y.

Here's a sneak peak of Black F.L.Y. Be on the look out for more from my up and coming brand. 


If you have any questions/concerns or would like to purchase custom Black F.L.Y. apparel, please send an email to

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Thank you for reading!