Monday Motivation

TGIM BAye Hive!!

No matter what this Monday throws at you, remember: You run your day. 💪 Today, do what matters most *first*—then, let the day chime in.

Deep breath in; it's a new week.

Before you jump in, remember your power to act > react.

Today, try the '5 second rule.'

When we operate with a 'reactionary mindset,' aka constantly responding to what pops up (ex. emails, texts), we let the day run us—and lose time for what matters most.

When you feel yourself hesitate before doing something you want to get done, count 5-4-3-2-1-GO to move towards action.

Do what matters most to *you* first—then, let Monday chime in. #ShineON

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Until Next Time! Stay Beautiful!

Bina Ayesha
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