Motivational Mondays!

Hola BAye Hive Tribe! 

How was your weekend? I hope it was relaxing. I did Community Service this weekend and it wore me out but was so worthwhile.

The most important lesson of being an adult is to trust and follow our gut instincts. We have to stop blaming karma or the devil or any other outside force when things go wrong in our lives. 

Sometimes things just happen and they may not have a pointed origin but everything that we encounter should be turned into a lesson. Every hump, bump or obstacle in our world should be a caveat to make us better through self reflection. 

Throw self-pity out the door. Becoming a better you is never easy but the rewards come from making sound decisions in the face of life's obstacles. 

When you work towards your goal, you will see your future develop, evolve and blossom. 

None of this can happen if you stop trying. When it's raining, don't stop and try to find a comfort zone, keep going and you'll see the sun shining on the other side. #ShineOn

So what do you guys think? Do you have a favorite motivational quote? Drop it in the comments! 

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Until Next Time! Stay Beautiful!