Motivational Mondays! Want to Be Courageous- 3 Sure Fire Methods for Conquering Your Fears

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 Have you ever imagined living a life without fear or doubt? A life where you are sure of every step you are taking? Well, if there is one thing that can hold you back from growing as an individual and prevent you from achieving the highest levels of success, its fear. Regardless of their occupations, high achievers understand that massive action and taking risk is an important part in moving from one step to another. Just like in business, this also applies to life. One thing that you need to know is that fear is normal. The key thing is not to let it hold you back and prevent you from taking action.

But what are some of the methods of conquering fear?

3 methods for conquering your fears

1. Prepare for a peaceful outcome

If you are anxious and fearful about any upcoming event you will notice that just thinking about them will cause physical responses such as anxiety, uneasiness, among others. So when you find yourself thinking too much about them prepare yourself by picturing feeling calm instead of being frightened. By doing this, you will be able to retain a clear thought thereby, conquer your fear.

2. Have a well thought out plan

The moment you begin to worry and over analyze a situation it means that you don’t have a detailed and a well thought out plan on how to overcome that situation. You should, therefore, ensure that you set clear goals with a detailed plan. After coming up with a detailed plan, take action. This will help you relieve stress and give you a sense of enjoyment. Remember, fear often creeps and paralyzes you if you do not take the time to plan your life.

3. Do one thing daily that scares you

Do you know that one of the worst ways to live is staying in a comfort zone? In fact, not doing the things that frighten you will magnify your fears and let them take over your life. It doesn’t have to be something big, but ensure that you do something daily that scares you. Just step out of your comfort zone and work on becoming comfortable by first being uncomfortable. When you do this daily your courage will start growing little by little and very soon the barriers that were holding you back will vanish and your potential will maximize.

Deciding that fear will not hold you back anymore is one of the best decisions you can make to ensure your future success. Although it’s something that will not work out instantly, taking action and running towards your fears daily will benefit you in the long run. These are the 3 methods for conquering your fears.

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