Motivational Monday: Protect Your Energy

Hola BAye Hive Tribe!!

Can you guys believe it's already November? With a little under 60 days left in 2019; we need to get started on protecting our energy going into the new year.

I know you've been hearing or reading protect your energy a lot these days. It may seem repetitive but I cannot stress enough the importance of protecting your energy. This is one of the first steps of self care.

No is a complete sentence that requires no explanation. I think this is one of the things that people battle. You don't owe anyone an explanation on what you do or don't do with your life. It's okay to cancel plans. 

I hate talking on the phone. It gives me anxiety. So guess what? I don't answer the phone. You don't have to make yourself uncomfortable for other people. And if the people in your circle can't understand your need for boundaries; get a new circle.

It's okay to be a loner. You don't have to spend every waking hour around people. For me, that's an energy drainer. I can only do people and crowds for so long before I need to recharge. It's perfectly okay to want to be alone.

Stop rounding out your edges. We constantly change or shrink ourselves to make others comfortable. They don't like that you're loud. They don't like the way your dress. They don't like the way you do your hair. Don't stop being you. If you round out your edges, then you become like everyone else.

Your mental health and your energy is more important than anything. Protect your energy at all costs.

So what do you guys think? Drop your questions and/or comments below!

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Until Next Time! Stay Beautiful!

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