Pick your Poiseness!

Hey there! Please forgive me! I like to make up words here and there. Poiseness is definitely not a real word recognized by any dictionary at this time. However, I’d like to think that if I continue to use it, and it catches on, my word will find its way to Sir Webster or the folks at Cambridge and Oxford.

Now whatever do I mean when I say “pick your poiseness?’’ Well, follow me for a brief moment. Looking back, I’d like to think I was preparing myself for a comfortable adult life. I went to college, left college and joined the Air Force, then went back to eventually finish my degree. I was fortunate enough to gain quite a few transferable skills during my time in the military. Many of which, I was poised to capitalize upon once separated and degree complete. Unfortunately, the main skill is really of no interest to me so for a brief moment I was lost!

Leaving the military can be exciting but, it can also be disheartening as you lose a sizable chunk of who you have been for a period of time. It wasn’t an easy transition for me. I knew I wanted to be happy in my next chapter I just didn’t really know what I wanted to do that would make me happy. That is a tough place to be and outright frightening. I literally had to pick my poiseness!

“Okay Professor, explain!”


Poised as an adjective that can mean,” ready, prepared’’ or “steady, confident.” In my case, I was ready, prepared to do something with all of my skills but I wasn’t doing anything. I was just ready. Waiting for the perfect time or perfect situation.

         Over the last year, I have decided to choose the other poised. I now know what I want to do. Realizing my goals will not be immediate but I’ve decided I’m cool with that. While I work to make them reality, I’ve chosen to take steady steps toward my purpose. While stepping this journey out, I’m also open to embracing new things along the way. I’m confident about what I’m able to do which makes this, for me, an exciting time.

What can you take from my last blog of 2019? Take a moment to search yourself. Ask yourself, which “poised” will I chose in 2020? Neither of them is wrong but, you must figure out which is right for you going into the new year. Will this be a year of being prepared and lying in wait? Will it be a year of the slow stroll or the high energy catwalk high step? Only you can decide this for yourself.
Until next time, remain…

Purposeful in your actions
Open to new ideas and adventures
In tune with self
Steady in your pursuits
Expecting great things

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