What the bleep is Poise?

New Contributor - "Professor Poised"

My name is Natasha Y. Smith also known as Professor Poised. I am a veteran of the United States Air Force and currently an event/ party planner pursuing my MBA in cyber-security systems. My blood line is rooted deep in the spicy city of New Orleans, Louisiana, and so is my heart.

I'm unapologetically me. Quite quirky, I do not fit into any specific box and I embrace this. 
I love the fine arts, especially live music. I also love to laugh and seeing others laugh makes me extremely giddy inside. Meditation centers me, painting and crafting soothe me, traveling strengthens my creativity, community involvement keeps me humble.

As I share a bit of myself through this blog contribution, I hope to bring a smile to your face or spark a hearty laugh from time to time. Most importantly, I aim to inspire you to become more confident in your own skin! 

Imagine being at your favorite karaoke spot filled with patrons anticipating the next performer. The DJ calls the next name and a cheerful young woman approaches the microphone. The intro to her song begins to play and you are hype because this is one of your favorite songs. She begins to sing and the crowd is dancing and singing along. Girlfriend is working the crowd but then you realize she is singing all the wrong words! Not only is she not singing the correct words, she is extremely comfortable doing so!

Hold up! Wait a minute! Who does this?

I’ll tell you who does this. Me, I did this!

Feel free to laugh out loud at this point.

I’d lost one of my contacts prior to my name being called. The way my vision is set up, I cannot see the clock on the side of my bed without corrective lenses. I’d decided to just wing it because after all, karaoke is about having fun, right?

You are probably wondering what does this story have to do with poise? Well, the noun poise is synonymous with a graceful bearing in a person. Another way to think of poise is simply composure, a balanced state of being. I could have passed up my song or panicked when I didn’t know the words. Instead, I made them up and guess what, no harm no foul. I saw the moment for what it was and relied on my ability to work the crowd and get people to just enjoy themselves. It also didn’t hurt that I can actually carry a tune.

As we look to welcome a new year, it is essential that we are poised for the new and unexpected of 2020. Get comfortable with the 2019 you. All of your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, quirks and annoyances. When you identify these things, you will begin to gain control of how you carry yourself in seemingly uncomfortable situations. Rely on your strengths not your perceived weakness and just go with the flow and don't forget to smile! Remember, the more energy you give to things, the more relevant they become.

Until next time, remain…

Purposeful in your actions
Open to new ideas and adventures
In tune with self
Steady in your pursuits
Expecting great things

*If you'd like to contact Professor Poised for an upcoming event you may be having in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, you can reach her at info@poisedaffairsevents.com or visit  www.poisedaffairsevents.com.


Thank you for reading!