Just Watch Me Work!

Greetings BAye Hive!

     It's Thursday and once again, I have nothing but excitement in my future!

     Why is Professor Poised so excited?

     Well, today I get to meet up for some sister celebration time with quite a few "Boss Women!" This is a pretty dynamic group of women who are, entrepreneurs, authors, veterans, philanthropists, actor/comedians, accounting gurus, mothers, wives, most importantly, they are genuine go-getters!

     It wasn't that long ago that I can honestly say I wasn't sure about myself and my ability to brave branching out and just trying something different. My fear of not getting it right out the gate had me literally in a straitjacket, securely holding captive all of these ideas and ventures that I wanted to try. I just could not bring myself to step out of my comfort zone and that began to take it's toll.

     Often times, we hold on to things that we should be sharing. Believe me when I tell you, it can physically make you sick when you don't share your gifts, talents, stories, experiences. It's like fighting two simultaneous battles. On one side, you are afraid to look under the bed to see the boogie man. On the other side, you are excited about the potential of the present you could be opening.


     I can recall the very first time I instructed my first CPR/AED Heart-saver class. Initially, I was volun-told I was going to be an instructor. I never imagined myself instructing anything and especially not CPR but I actually enjoyed everything about instructing those classes. I was able to share knowledge and do it in a way unique to me. I absolutely love the art of training now. I continued CPR/AED training for 7 years. It was not uncommon for those needing their yearly refresher to seek out Sgt Smith.

    "Sgt Smith, do you still sing while we practice compressions?"
    "Register for the class and you'll find out!"
     Good times!

     As I reflect, that was part of Natasha becoming Professor Poised and I am still evolving. An essential piece of this process has been putting myself out there to meet, network, collaborate, align with people who are doing something I can learn from. In doing so, I met all of these women along the way and I am forever grateful. It is because of them I am encouraged, moved even, to just go for it. Whatever that may be now and in the future. I'm poised to win no matter what.

     My parting thought today:  If you don't release what you have inside, it won't release you either. To your naysayers, stand up tall, shoulders back, head up and reply, "Just watch me work!" There is really nothing you can't do if it's what you want to do. All you have to do is try. How will you learn if you don't? (Notice I said learn not fail.) Better than that, how will you win if you don't?

Until next time remain...


Thank you for reading!