Confession...I'm a Hoarder!

Greetings BAye Hive!
Today I have a very personal confession. My name is Natasha and I am a hoarder. I've accepted it and confessed it to you all in my effort to heal from this before it gets out of control. I know this may bring about a little chuckle and that is fine. I giggled just a little too after saying that aloud. Read on!

The BAye Hive blog Bina has created falls under the category of fashion so I figured I'd talk fashion today in hopes of documenting my healing process. Now I wouldn't consider myself a fashionista but in most situations I'm on point. I typically keep my wardrobe classic with a few sprinkles of the latest trends here and there, blended with my go to boho-chic pieces as Bina describes them.
Last year, with the help of a few friends, I had a breakthrough with my hoarding issue. Now, before your mind creates a picture that resembles one of the homes featured on the television show, let me make it clear that I am not on that level of hoarding. My hoarding has everything to do with fashion. Clothes, shoes, belts, purses and hats for the most part.

How in the world did I become this way?

Today's HERstory Lesson

Growing up, during my awkward middle school years, I was a little chubby. My mother shopped for me in the "extra special" section at JC Penny. Yes, that's what they called it and the chubby boys had "husky" which wasn't very kind in my opinion. Anyway, my mother was and still is frugal so I had to be creative with the thrifted items and the new items to make it seem like I had a plush wardrobe but in actuality, it wasn't.

The summer before 9th grade, the "baby fat" melted away. My clothing options became more plentiful. It was so much easier to find clothing and mom kind of splurged a bit for me. From that point on, it was like I never wanted to part with anything because I liked having options.

As I began to fund my own shopping habits, I purchased what I liked even when I didn't need it because I could. As a military member, we are privileged to be packed and moved so that did not help this budding issue. It wasn't until I had to pack myself last year that I realized and agreed with my friends who'd previously said it. I did have entirely too much stuff!

I decided I had to do something about this. I gave in and sold and donated quite a bit of clothing, shoes, purses, belts, etc. Even the thrift stores were in awe and eventually I became a little embarrassed. When I was done, I felt great that I had purged my closets. I had released a weight that I'd unknowingly been carrying for years.

It wasn't until then that I realized I had been shopping and hoarding these fashion items because of the lack of choices as a pre-teen. During that time, I felt less than and the way that I continuously made myself feel better was by having a closet full of stuff I'd probably either wear once or not all. It's weird how the mind works but I'm grateful for honest friends.

My takeaway, had it not been for the honesty of those friends, I'd still be holding on to "stuff" just because it felt good but it really wasn't doing any good for me but causing clutter. Clutter causes confusion.  The Professor doesn't like confusion.

In my quest to be better and go higher, I have to make sure that my space is void of confusion. I am still a work in progress but I must say I'm doing much better. Advice for life: Get you some friends that tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm not going to shop anymore. I'm just not going to be able to agree to that for anyone. What I am saying is that my shopping to fill a void or pacify my own personal feelings of inadequacy with fashion items are gone. I'm great just as I am, and working toward being poised for my greater.

Until next time remain...
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