Help! I think I am officially a "Seasoned" woman!

Greetings BAye Hive!

Humor me for a bit today. Yes, I know, seasoned is a term we use for our elder members of society. I also realize you may be thinking I am not quite there yet but listen, lately I've noticed myself operating the same way my elders do.

Exhibit 1
I have become a faithful news watcher. I cannot recall a time in my life when watching the news mattered. Ever! These days, I cannot miss it. In fact, it is literally on all day and actually thinking about this fact at this very moment is hilariously disturbing to me. I imagine, as one reaches the seasoned stage, what's going on in the world around you, can impact you directly. The news is now important. *sighs*

Exhibit 2
The weather has become a vital part of how I plan my activity. When did this happen? My guess is when I actually began to feel the signs of a pending thunderstorm in my body! Yes, the knees my neck and my back!

Secondly, the weather is now a topic of conversation. I can remember my Granny always asking me about the weather when we talked on the phone. I never understood why it was even important. I was where I was and she was in New Orleans but it never failed. She'd always ask me. Now, I'm the one asking and as I continue to write, I believe I'm in the admittance phase of this new season of seasontry.
(Please do not be alarmed, as I've said in the past, I make up words in hopes of them being added to the dictionary someday. context clues will help you out.)

Exhibit 3
I bring a sweater almost everyone and a pair of flats if I'm not already wearing them. The arthritis is real and I need these feet to be happy. I can remember the days of "I don't need a coat" and wearing the cute but uncomfortable 4 inch or higher shoe. Well not these days. I will not freeze and my feet will not suffer in silence. Who would have thought I would become a sneaker head? I believe I have a sweater in just about every essential color and style now. Oh this is getting painful! LOL

Exhibit 4
The "Moo-moo" is a thing! Well in my case, it's a caftan and the love affair is real. They allow me to be free while home. In case of an emergency that would require me to vacate my humble abode, I'm covered. This is for the protection of those outside of course. The "moo-moo" may vary in appearance but I am almost sure they serve the same purpose as a woman enters seasontry. (Use your imagination.)

Exhibit 5
I am now looking and extending. Let me explain. These days when I pick up something to read, I have to extend it out for it to come into focus. This is very different for me because I have been near sighted and wearing glasses since elementary. The fact that I now have to do this leads me to believe I'm really settling into this stage of seasontry. I'm absolutely in denial that my next pair of glasses may very well require a bifocal of some sort. Frankly, I'm just not ready so I've been postponing the inevitable. Judge me not.

I am not okay. LOL

Seriously, I am just fine. This is my reality. It's actually my brighter side. I'm still here to appreciate the taste of my life seasoning. When you resolve to a life of positivity, you seek out to acknowledge and build upon the positives around you.

My takeaway is simple, I've overcome a great deal physically, emotionally and mentally. Some of these areas will always be an ongoing battle. The upside is that I'm now in a place where I have accepted them I know what I need to do to manage them. I believe the greatest fear for many when experiencing problems is seeking the help they need to overcome them. Pride is another factor.

This is my attempt to encourage you. If you are a having any difficulties in your life, seek a professional in that area to get it resolved. You deserve to enter your seasontry stage with poise and grace. Nothing about life was ever promised to be easy but it tastes so good now and it can for you too!

Until next time remain...
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