Make it work for you!

Greetings BAye Hive!

Let me get right to the events of last night. Those of you that have been following since my very first blog know I have experienced some great falls. For those who are just beginning to follow, I do mean literally. If you get a minute, take a journey back to my very first blog and it will all make sense. 

At the start of these events, I had been awake roughly 37 hours. While this is nothing new, I was feeling it yet, I still needed to eat. I hung up from a conference call and proceed to the kitchen to warm some leftover Shrimp Alfredo. While it was warming, I turned on the television to watch the evening news stream while I ate.

I headed back to the kitchen, grabbed my fork, napkins, plate from the microwave and proceeded to my chaise. I'm so focused on my meal and shower to follow, I totally forgot about the ongoing disagreement between the kitchen floor and carpet on the other side of the kitchen entry way. Think tectonic plates causing an earthquake.

Like only I could do, I stepped just so that the front of my Nike slide landed right at the lift of the carpet. My lower body was halted but my upper body continued forward, sending my entire plate right to the carpet. My face expressed defeat but my brain yelled, "&*&^ %^&* *^%$# @!@$!" *Sighs* I'm sure this must have given earthquake-ish vibes to the family below. Bless their hearts.
I was discouraged by the fact that getting to sleep was now farther away because I had to clean this mess up. I soaked up the sauce, grabbed up the noodles, and proceeded to scrub the spot with carpet cleaner. While on my hands and knees, I got a bright idea and one that made me burst into a fit of laughter.

The Professor is on a mission to make sure her rounded square pants don't go completely square as I continue into my years of seasontry. I figured, what better time than any to get in a few exercises. In between my scrubbing and waiting, I did a few sets of straight leg glute extensions, plank hip deeps and mountain climbers.
When I was done cleaning, I warmed another plate of food, I ate, I showered and I went to bed. While I realize going to bed so soon after eating was not the best thing to do, I was tired and rest is essential to our overall health. Fitness gurus, scold me later.
My take, a lot of times, we find ourselves in situations that are not exactly what we envisioned. Find a way to ease the stress or pressure of it all by transferring your focus to something else temporarily. Cleaning my food from the carpet rather than my plate was not the plan but I made it work for me. I temporarily took my mind off things by incorporating a few exercises during the process of cleaning up the mess. I turned a not so ideal situation into one that benefited me physically, and I felt good about myself coming out of it all. 
You can do this as well in your everyday life. When you feel as though your back is against the wall, do some wall sits or wall press ups. Of course you can choose to do another exercise but the point is to do something in that moment that takes your mind off the stressor. When you have successfully transferred that stress, jump back in. I promise, it works.
Until next time, remain...


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