To touch or not to touch?

Greetings BAye Hive!

There is quite a bit more movement going on here in Texas. While I'm not there yet, I can understand the need to connect with others in close proximity. I believe growing up without a sibling around and working parents, built me for times such as these. In fact, it is in my alone time that I thrive the most.
It's my alone time that allows me to experience the small things that we typically neglect ourselves of. Things like proper rest, prayer & meditation, creative therapies, learning new things, just being me in my own space at my own pace. Yes, I am definitely an introvert with extrovert-ish moments but there is something I cannot supplement. It's the very thing that many people are struggling with right now.

The professionals are always creating a new condition that labels us. I'm not against the labels. I actually find them interesting. New on the discussion table these days is Skin Hunger. Skin hunger is a deep longing and aching desire for physical contact with another person (Degges-White, 2015)Skin being our largest organ, one of the first senses developed, it makes perfect science that our skin needs regular attention.

Physical touch is a necessity for many and the very thing that makes those people feel as though they belong. If you live alone, and physical touch is something you've not had in a while, hug yourself! I know it's not the same and it may seem silly but I bet it's something you haven't thought to do. Try it. Self hugs make me smile. 

Then there is the other end of this spectrum. Maybe you don't live alone and you are being touched entirely too much. If that is your loving living situation, I have no advice for you. I don't live that life but I can definitely understand the need to free yourself. Balance is so underrated but so is effective communication. In my experience, promises of little love pinches usually keep touchy-feelies away. Our secret okay?
As the economy begins to open up again, and people slowly settle into their new normal, things like physical touch will resume. You'll be able to get that social handshake, innocent caress, that sister/brother friend hug, or that intimate touch from a new special someone in your life. For those in need of a little less touching, more opportunities are also becoming available to escape to. I promise I'll keep your escape plans secret.

Regardless of what end of the spectrum you find yourself, remember both are normal feelings during this time. Make sure you are allowing yourself some room to feel whatever it is you are feeling without shame or guilt. You are human, this is life and acknowledgment of self is essential to effective communication and your overall health! 
Final thought, touch if it's safe, wanted and welcomed by all involved!

Until next time remain...P.O.I.S.E.D.
***If you have read this blog and are in any physical danger in your current living situation, please reach out to authorities for assistance. You may also reach out to me if you need help brainstorming how to get to safety. 

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