Real Leaders Stand Up!

Greetings BAye Hive!

I have been doing an exhausting amount of listening and watching over the last couple of weeks watching the world battle the multiple illnesses plaguing the world. As I pondered the topic of today's blog, I imagined what I wished this world actually looked like. What are we missing? My very first thought was where are the leaders?

Let's face it, if in a position of leadership, more harm than good is done by not addressing those issues that people are dealing with on a daily basis. In my opinion, if you want to be an effective leader you must have the uncomfortable conversations. Sooner rather than later.

The very first leaders we encounter are our parents, guardians or caregivers. By design, or default, these are the people we learn most of our core beliefs from. They have the distinct ability to nourish or destroy what is natural for most humans. For the record, racism is not natural.

Educators, spiritual and club leaders are the next group of leaders we encounter. Club leaders can be coaches, scout troop leaders or any organization a child is part of. Again, by design or default, these are people children will inevitably learn more behaviors from. Often times, these people solidify those already instilled beliefs.

Later in life at some point, we become old enough to vote and choose our community leaders. We also will eventually become employees. We may not always end up with the leader of our choice, but we try to make the best of the situation by doing our part as citizens and employees. Most of us at least.

Now here is where things become a bit interesting in my mind. Parents, educators, club leaders, we do not exactly have the ability to choose. They, themselves choose to accept their roles. Similarly, politicians, employers, managers, supervisors chose to accept their roles as well. With acceptance of these roles, there is a level of responsibility that comes with actually being an effective leader. As I googled traits, characteristics, qualities, and attributes of effective leaders, those lists almost always included honesty or integrity, compassion, productive communicators and risk takers. Surprised much?

To me, it makes perfect sense. As a leader, honesty or integrity is a must because one can only fake 'it" for so long. If honest with people, most are forgiving and will extend grace in most situations. Compassion allows leaders to understand what others may be feeling and offer the comfort needed in difficult situations. In order to show compassion in a professional setting, leaders must know how to communicate that in a way that does not appear to be fake or forced. Finally, if a change needs to happen, they must be comfortable with stepping out at times, on an unsupported limb.

Right now, I feel like there are not enough effective leaders in the positions that count. Yes, we've had leaders, but we haven't had enough effective leaders locally to force the changes globally that need to occur for real change to happen.

If you have found yourself in a position of leadership, and you have not discussed the current events with your staff members, spiritual families, students, family members, you are not being an effective leader. It really is just that simple. Everyone in the world is dealing with something. Some are dealing with all of it because everything plaguing the world is impacting them directly.

The truth of the matter is real change cannot happen until the uncomfortable conversations are had. No real change will take place until the uncomfortable thoughts or feelings are identified and explored to promote healing. It won't happen until the uncomfortable risks are taken to provoke positive change for and around us. Change is and will be uncomfortable for all involved.

The things that have brought us to this point, in this year of 2020 (clear vision), have been uncomfortable but necessary. I encourage you to help provoke the global change locally, where you are, in the areas you feel you can make a difference. That's the mark of a true leader and you don't need a title to be an effective leader.

Until next time remain...

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