These 3 Questions will help to Make Your Dreams Come True

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Let's jump into today's topic. Today's post will be a caveat to Ep. 3 of the Anomalous Black Women Podcast. Are you living? Are you going after your goals?

For most people in our society, life will hold little more than a dutiful slog in the 9-5 rat race for forty years before retiring. Many will look back on their lives and wished they would have had an opportunity to have done something different. Some may have even had opportunities to do so but didn't take them. One thought is very common: I wish I could've done something else but I never really knew what I wanted to do.

Sounds familiar, yes?

Relax. Because I can help you identify what it is you'd really like to do and I can show you how to begin. It all starts by asking yourself three very important questions and I believe these questions are the most important questions you can ask yourself. Here they are:

1. What, EXACTLY, do I want to do? 

This question gets straight to the heart of the matter and it requires SPECIFIC answers. Also, your answer should be something you have a passion for and are genuinely interested in and not something you think others would be impressed with. It should be something you feel so strongly about that missing out on it will make you seriously unhappy.  By this, I mean IT WILL HURT YOU DEEPLY if you don't at least give it a shot. Take the time to think seriously about this question, at least 30 minutes a day as this is the first step towards getting what you want. Be thorough. Think about how you'd like to spend each day of your life, and think about what you don't want to do and what you'd like to change about how you spend your days right now.

2. What do I have to do to get it? 

This question requires answers about the practicalities required to achieve your goal. It will cover the necessary skills. What skills do you have now that you can use and what new skills will you need to develop? You'll need to know about courses or training programs you'll need to take and you'll need to identify how much practice or study you'll have to do. Other considerations will be things like location as you may have to move somewhere else, people you need to connect with, making contacts, networking, equipment anything you find that is a necessary part of achieving your goal.

3. What am I prepared to give to ensure I succeed? 

When you've identified what you want to do and what this will entail, you then need to decide what you're going to give to make your dream happen. Success demands a price. In particular, we have the 3 kings: Time, Money and Commitment. How much time are you prepared to give? Are you prepared to sacrifice other activities to free up more time? Time is the most precious resource you have and it is a non-renewable resource. It is important you give a significant portion of your free time to the pursuit of your goal. 

Next comes money. You will have to be prepared to invest money in your project, IN YOURSELF to make progress. This could mean purchasing equipment, attending seminars, courses, property, books, raw materials etc. and without such an investment, it is unlikely your project will get off the ground. 

Finally, how committed are you to making your dream happen? In my opinion, if you're serious about getting the lifestyle and the success you truly want, you must be 100% committed to it. This will mean making sacrifices: friends, socializing, working long hours, working weekends in short, sacrificing many of the things you enjoy doing today so you can create a better tomorrow. If you love something and you want to achieve a high standard of success, you will have to devote lots and lots of time to it and place it above everything else. Are you prepared to do this?

You now have three empowering questions to help you get started on creating a new life for yourself. Please make the time to think seriously about the answers you want to give to them and you'll reap the rewards.

So what do you guys think? What have you always wanted to do? Are you living or existing? Was this helpful? Drop your personal experiences in the comments!

Now go listen to the Anomalous Black Women Podcast Ep. 3. I really believe this will help you on your journey. 

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To your happiness and success!!

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