4 Tips on Making a Deeper Connection with Family

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These days, it can be difficult to build up a deeper connection with family. Before technology, it was common for families to spend a lot of time together. The mother stayed at home to raise the kids, and weekends were very much family occasions. Today, however, both parents often need to work to afford to get by. Many kids also spend the majority of their time in front of a screen – whether it’s video games, smartphones or TV. So, how can you make deeper connections in this digital, hectic world? 


Here, you’ll discover some great tips you can follow to build the connections within the family.


Ensure You Spend One Day a Week Together


Although it is a lot harder to spend time together as a family these days, it’s not impossible. Each week, schedule one day that will be known as “family day”. The weekend tends to work best for this, but you can schedule it depending upon your family’s calendar.


Do something different each week and try to avoid using technology. You could go on day trips or attend an event together. Just spending quality time away from technology can do wonders for your family dynamic. 


Host Family Dinner Times


As well as spending a day together once a week, you’ll also want to start hosting more family dinners. Ideally, you should eat together every night of the week. However, if this isn’t possible then aim to eat together at least once or twice a week. 


Family dinners gives everyone the chance to catch up and see what’s happening with other members of the family. Again, you’ll want to have a strict no-phone policy at the dinner table to ensure everyone is focused on each other.


Spend One-on-One Time with Each Member


As well as spending time together with the entire family, it’s equally as important to spend one-on-one time with each member. So, make sure you’re spending quality time with your partner, as well as each of your kids. 


The one-on-one time gives you the best opportunity to build up individual deep connections. You want to aim to develop an overall deep family bond, alongside deep individual connections.


Encourage Open, Non-Judgmental Discussions


You’re going to find it hard to develop deep connections if your family members don’t feel comfortable opening up to you. Make sure each member of the family knows they can come to you with any problems they may be experiencing. This means not constantly giving lectures or punishing openness. Instead, appreciate the fact they have come to you to talk openly about their issues.


It can be tough nurturing deep family connections in today’s digital age. However, if you follow the tips above you should find it much easier. It’s all about making the effort and being open with each other. The more time you spend as a family unit, the stronger it’s going to become over time. 

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  1. Very interesting read. I remember growing up, and we ate dinner together. I pray the readers would take this advice you have shared and utilize it. Life is short. Family First


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