Only mediocre people are afraid to do things alone!

I've returned! LOL I have returned with a bit of pizazz today. Extra spicy is a good way to label this energy because, I don't know what the issue is for some people when it comes to doing activities alone. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people whine about what they can't do by themselves.  


"Oh, I can't go to dinner or sit at a bar by myself!" 


"I can't travel alone." 


"I can't understand how people go to the movies solo." 


My response usually goes a little like this: "Why? What's wrong with you?" 


Seriously! I truly don't understand why people don't enjoy spending time with themselves. 


I go to dinner by myself all the time and its probably some of the best times I've ever had. I get to eat in peace. I get to drink what I want to drink. I can flirt if I want to flirt. I can read a book or work. I can do any of these things because it is what I want to do. Who doesn't like doing what they want to do because that is what they want to do at that time? 


Legit question, and the answer is usually something like,  "I don't like people looking at me." To that I say, well honey, I truly believe you have a better chance of slipping past people alone than you do with a group of people. Especially with a group of women. You all are bound to turn heads, period, and people will be looking at you all the same. 


Now what about ,"I can't travel alone" to include day trips? Honestly, to me, traveling alone is probably one of the greatest things that you could ever do for yourself. It gives you time to not only have those private moments without having to explain as well as being able to enjoy your surroundings at will and on your own terms. 


I think the biggest hang up for people when it comes to traveling alone is safety. Especially for women. Now don't get me wrong, safety should definitely be a concern and when traveling alone, you should take the proper precautions. However, we do things that are not safe all the time and it doesn't stop us right? Riiiiiiiight

Moving on! 


Now, another one of my favorites is people who say they can't go to the movies solo. Are you kidding me? I actually prefer going to the movies solo because I don't have to answer questions during the movie. I can laugh out loud, really loud without being concerned that my date or friend is embarrassed by my boisterous cackle. I can also cry in peace, while simultaneously laughing because I'm crying. If you know me well, you know that I cannot not cry if the actor(s) cry. Say what you want, I get it from my dear mother. 


Putting things into perspective, if you are okay going with the flow and being ordinary, continue to do as the crowd does. If your goal is to do something extraordinary in life, you have to be okay doing things alone. You have to be okay with going against the grain and challenging the norms. 


Think about it. There is not one well known person that didn't do something that set them apart. From Barack Obama to Kim Kardashian, they made marks in history by doing something not previously the norm. We know what President Obama did and well, we know how Kim became a household name. Prior to her, who can you think of that purposely did what she did in an age where her acts would forever be viewable by all? In the words of Uncle Keith Sweat, Nobody baby! 


Now some of you might feel a certain way about my views on this matter and I'm absolutely okay with that. Let's discuss it. Read me in my comments or send me an email!  


Until next time... 


Remain P.O.I.S.E.D. Always, 



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  1. Well watch out there nah!!! Something about self awareness and its TRUTH!!!


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