Why Is Cosmetic Surgery So Popular?

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At one time, undergoing cosmetic surgery was seen as taboo. It certainly wasn’t something you talked about or admitted to. However, these days cosmetic surgery is widely accepted in society. In fact, it has significantly risen in demand – both with men and women. 


So, why is cosmetic surgery so popular? Below, we’ll look at some of the reasons driving demand.


The Social Media Factor


One of the main driving factors behind the rise in cosmetic surgery popularity is social media. As social media sites such as Facebook grew, the selfie trend began to really take off. Suddenly, there was a lot of pressure to look good for the photos being uploaded. 


The selfie culture has only strengthened over time. Young girls in particular feel the need to achieve a flawless look. This in turn is causing them to look at permanent, surgical options. Cosmetic surgery gives patients the opportunity to tweak and enhance their appearance. There has even been a term created in the cosmetic surgery field for the rise in social media related surgeries: “selfie surgery”. 


Improvements in Procedures


While social media has caused a significant rise in demand, it is also credited to improvements in procedures. Cosmetic surgery has come a long way over the past couple of decades. Procedures today are quicker, less invasive, and a lot safer.


Patients can even choose from a range of non-surgical procedures. These include Botox and fillers which offer instant, although temporary results. Even many of the surgical procedures can be carried out using minimally invasive techniques. This is a great attraction to patients.


Helping to Boost Self-Esteem


When carried out for the right reasons, cosmetic surgery can really help to boost self-esteem. When you aren’t happy with your appearance, it can have a significant impact on your confidence. 


When you have low self-esteem, it affects the way you live your life. So, many patients see cosmetic surgery as a way to regain their self-confidence and live happier life. 


Celebrity Influence


Perhaps the main reason cosmetic surgery has become so popular today is down to celebrity influence. Thanks to social media, celebrities can stay connected to their fans practically 24 hours a day. 


Many celebrities have used their social media platforms to talk openly about cosmetic work they have had done. There isn’t as much of a stigma today as there once was. So, talking about cosmetic procedures has become a lot more acceptable. 


As the general public tends to want to look more like the celebrities they follow, they too consider going under the knife. Celebrity influence has played a key role in boosting the popularity of cosmetic surgery. It has also controlled the trends in the industry which fluctuate each year.


These are the main factors that have contributed to the boom in cosmetic surgery today. It is a lot easier and also a lot more affordable than it used to be. Procedures are also faster and more pain-free than ever before. However, that being said, always think carefully before undergoing any cosmetic surgery procedure.

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